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What is Frontier Trainings all about?

975x241_pro_career.jpgAbout Frontier

Our Vision

To empower the world to live a life of abundance and prosperity.

Core Values

Family, Integrity, Responsibility, Excellence, Success

Core Philosophy

At Frontier Trainings we believe that …

    • Each of us has unlimited potential to grow and expand and acquire any skill we choose to have in life.
    • We can achieve success through intense focus, rigorous training, hard work and commitment to excellence.
    • Our lives are shaped by the decisions we make every day and we can make a change at any time by choice.
    • We can create our world around us by taking responsibility for our actions, emotions and results.
    • Life is a great big adventure to have fun, celebrate and play full out with like-minded people.
    • Our mindset is our greatest asset and our outer world will be the feedback of our inner world.
    • We have an obligation to play big so we can empower others in our world.



Frontier Trainings was founded by Clinton Swaine in June of 2004. Clinton had spent ten years running a games club in Australia and had owned a games store called ‘Games Court’ for two years. During that time he fell in love with gaming. In 2004 after running a number of businesses and investing in a wide range of real estate, he saw an opportunity to create games for business owners and investors to assist them in learning valuable lessons in a safe environment.

The first game created was called the Millionaire’s Market and simulated a wide range of investment opportunities in both real estate and business. This game was followed by Entrepreneurial Empire and then came a flood of other games and create a business model unique in the industry.

Frontier quickly grew to have a large curriculum of business courses and expanded into teaching advanced stage skills. Led by its popular introductory course ‘Play To Win’, Frontier grew quickly.

Global Expansion

After its success in the US, Frontier expanded to the UK and soon to Australia and spent the next number of years consolidating. There have been a number of opportunities to expand further since then, however Frontier has focused on delivering quality programs in existing markets. As of 2013 it has the largest curriculum in the seminar industry for business trainings and consistently runs multiple blocks of courses in each of its 3 bases every year.


Frontier teaches courses in Sales, Marketing, Leadership, Negotiation, Personal Development, System Building, Public Speaking and more. The cornerstone of Frontier’s success is its use of Experiential Learning using games, exercises, processes and simulations. With a huge library of proprietary games, its students learn faster and more effectively and leave the training room to produce results!!!

Plans for the Future

Frontier is now expanding with plans for Asia on the drawing board, more corporate engagements on the calendar and expansion of the curriculum. In addition, with the release of a number of books on the horizon, Frontier is poised to expand and make an even bigger global impact.