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Ferocious Facilitation – The World’s #1 Achetypal Facilitation Course


Welcome to Ferocious Facilitation

Do you want to create transformational change in your students?

Do you want to learn the tools to handle any issue that arises in your training room?

Do you want to know how blow past blocks and limitations to move students rapidly towards success?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then Ferocious Facilitation is for you.

Screen Shot 2013-11-27 at 2.45.52 PM Ferocious Facilitation is an exercise-based course, meaning the curriculum is designed to teach you a set of world class facilitation and coaching skills through a series of exercises where you get to train each skill and get clear, direct feedback to move you forward at a rapid pace.

The curriculum in Ferocious Facilitation is based around 10 archetypal teachers, coaches and facilitators. Each archetype has a unique energy, attitude and facilitation style, but all are equally invaluable to be a well-rounded facilitator.

So, what is the difference between being a speaker and a facilitator? Speakers generally focuses on informational learning (didactically teaching a predetermined set of content), whereas a facilitator focuses on transformational learning (creating breakthrough opportunities within the training space). Speakers rarely leave the stage, but facilitators tend to be in the back of the room watching and coaching the students through processes and exercises to invoke immediate change. Speakers generally do not divert from their content, facilitators generally are more open to letting the content flow and evolve organically based on the needs of their group.

Screen Shot 2013-11-27 at 2.46.03 PMThe exercises in Ferocious Facilitation will teach you a range of facilitation skills including: learning to analyze situations and beliefs to determine fact from interpretation; reframing disempowering beliefs; release techniques to clear years of blocks and baggage; accountability measurement systems; managing group dynamics in a crisis; eliminating poor habits, and and so many more…

If you are a speaker, trainer or facilitator (or on your way to becoming one) and are ready to learn the skills that will allow you to create lifelong, transformational change in your students, then this program is for you. Like all Frontier Trainings courses, it is fast, to the point and is based on application, feedback and Action Steps for rapid implementation once the training is over.

So come join us and learn these incredible, transformational tools and start creating breakthroughs on a large scale.

Clinton Swaine, Founder – Frontier Trainings

Key Concepts

Ferocious Facilitation


For Frontier, the idea of shifting one's identity has always been a subject of interest. Throughout our development, it has become an ongoing, in-depth study. Who are we? What can we accomplish? Who can we become? How can we change who we are to empower and uplift those around us? These are but a few of the questions that come to mind when the subject of identity arises.

Through our studies, we have found that when one is able to release the attachment to their own identity and assume another, they unlock a world of possibilities for themselves and those around them; they are able to communicate in ways which they were previously unable.

By understanding how to step into the proper mindset, attitude or way of being a situation calls for, one is allowed to communicate, coach, assess and facilitate on a whole new level. By fully stepping into each of the 10 archetypes mentioned, you will obtain a deep understanding of each aspect of the archetypes and be able to incorporate the necessary traits into any situation.


“Feedback is the breakfast of champions”. This is one of our core philosophies. In the speaking industry, there is no glass ceiling; no one has yet reached the peak of their potential.

This raises the question: How good can we get? We find that feedback is the fastest way for us to grow. Yes, we can critique ourselves, but by purely relying on this, we miss many fine distinctions that can make all the difference.

Since the start of Frontier, we have spent over 10,000 hours working on stage, during this time we have adopted the mindset of being in a state of constant and never-ending improvement, always being hungry for feedback. Because of this, our growth has been exponential.

During this course, we will give you clear, direct, immediately applicable feedback so that you can see those fine distinctions and grow at the fastest rate possible.


The Philosopher shows up as a question. Opening possibilities, putting out alternatives and questioning each underlying premise that appears on solid ground. Is that ground really solid? Where did that belief come from? Who taught you that belief? The Philosopher is always open-minded, thought provoking, inquisitive and pondering.


The Detective shows up with a probing mind and an inquisitive nature. Their goal is to uncover the facts and to reach the truth. The Detective helps you take an analytical and objective look at beliefs and determine whether they are fact or interpretation. The Detective is inquisitive, interrogative, rigorous, focused and non-emotional.


The Big Game Hunter comes from a place of quiet confidence. He is humble while on the hunt, very focused and aware. He is prepared to battle at any time and when confronted by the big game takes it down as cleanly and methodically as needs to be done. The Big Game Hunter is confident, strategic, calculating and relentless.


The Healer comes from a place of love, connection, compassion and empathy. They are non-judgmental and are solely focused on the well-being of others. Healing and watching others transform is what gives them joy and purpose. They are willing to be there to see others through the hardest of times and do what it takes to get them back on their feet, stronger than ever. The Healer is kind, gentle, giving and selfless.


The Cheerleader comes from a place of connection and inspiration. They are all about elevating performance, celebrating successes and encouraging when things look bleak. They bring energy to uplift, motivate and bring out the best in each player. The Cheerleader is the high-energy, motivational and inspirational facilitator.


The Intuitive comes from a place of peace and tranquility. They are exceptional at staying calm under immense pressure and do not get easily flustered when challenges arise. They expect the unexpected and are prepared to handle anything. They take preemptive measures so that when a challenge does begin to arise, they catch it early on and resolve it almost instantly. The intuitive is poised, gentle and even-tempered.


The Old Time Coach is focused on getting results. They have no problem calling out under-performing members and demanding more. Their mindset is: commit, achieve, reach higher. The Coach knows when to ask for more and when to accept what was delivered. They  do not accept excuses and do not hesitate to administer consequences. For them, developing champions is the first priority. The Coach is methodical, rigorous, focused and results oriented.


The Storyteller in this course is represented by the Native American Chief. Native American tribes often taught deep, powerful lessons through spiritual, metaphorical and inductive stories. The stories they told had a unique ability transcend culture, religion and background and relate to people from all walks of life. The Storyteller is able to use these to bypass walls, blocks and objections and remove barriers, thus allowing learning to happen at a deep level. The Storyteller is mystical, mesmerizing and always leaves a lasting impact.


The Director is all about resource management – actors, lights, cameras, sound – there is much  to be coordinated to bring together a perfect production. The same goes for facilitators. Once you step into the world of games, processes and exercises at a full experiential level, you have much to manage: crew, costumes, music, lighting and more! The Director’s purpose is to help you stay calm under pressure, communicate your vision with expert precision, get accustomed to managing large groups and pull together a seamless presentation. The Director is clear, precise, thoughtful and visionary.


The Scrambler’s purpose is to set students up for success by using pattern interrupting tools to eliminate poor habits. The Scrambler uses imagery, sounds, colors and creates contrast making outrageous (even outlandish) comparisons to train the mind to be more conscious and aware when it heads down the path of an old habit. This makes continuing down that path almost impossible. The Scrambler is sharp, creative, witty, playful and outrageous.