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Creative Captivation – World’s #1 Presentation Congruency Course


Welcome to Creative Captivation

Have you ever wanted to have an audience on the edge of their seats?

Would you like to Captivate an audience with every moment you are on stage?

Do you want to be creative and adapt quickly and effortlessly on stage?


If you answered yes to any of these questions then you will want to attend Creative Captivation. This courses teaches advanced stagecraft skills to enable you to be supremely confident onstage. We work in a number of skill areas to help you to increase awareness on stage



The use of your body is such an important element of presenting on stage, yet most speakers are very weak at understanding how their body can impact an audience. In this section we drill the basics of full body communication and get to see the impact that it has on someone’s presentation. We study the fundamentals of posture, gesture, pause and position for maximum effect.


We do a lot of stage work where we take written stories and turn them into three dimensional masterpieces utilising accents, positioning, multiple positional representation, full body communication and more.


We spend a lot of time working on vocal variety through increasing character traits through your voice as well as developing accents. The more you can mix up your voice the more captivating any presentation is. For most people their voice changes very little during a presentation yet can have a profound effect with mixed with all the other skills.


We get to analyze how movement changes our energy and the impact it has on our audience. We look at different styles of dance and the communication that comes from it to impact our senses. Grace versus power. Erotic versus Dramatic.


Laughter connects people. When you can get your audience laughing and provide great value you have a sure fire winner. We discuss the elements of humour. How to include them in your presentation and make them seem authentic each time you use them.


So if you are wanting to connect to your audience and build a powerful connection with them waiting for more, then we will see you at Creative Captivation.