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Podium Power – The World’s #1 Experiential Podium Presentation Course


Welcome to Podium Power

Do you want to look confident, polished and professional while speaking in any medium?

Would you like to host or ‘M.C.’ large events on world-class stages?

Do you want to be able to think clearly, speak with conviction and enroll your audience even under pressure and scrutiny?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then Podium Power is for you.

Podium Power is an exercise-based course, meaning students are continuously supported by highly-trained facilitators through a wide range of exercises to train world-class speaking and presentation skills.

Podium Power is grounded in a very different presentation style than the majority of Frontier Trainings’ other Speaker Certification Courses. Where most get you to focus on Full Body Communication, stage usage and

The curriculum in Podium Power models the mindset, principles and tools that great athletes throughout history have used to achieve their level of mastery and excellence. By modeling these athletes, we can apply their methods to break through blocks and society imposed limits to achieve our goals and expand the possibilities for our lives.

Whether you are …  Podium Power will give you … you can truly begin to …

Regardless of your speaking experience, the mediums you use or your speaking goals, if you are ready to raise your level of confidence,

come join us … Like all Frontier Trainings courses, it is fast, to the point and is based on application, feedback and Action Steps for rapid implementation once the training is over.

So come join us, get ready to step up, take charge, put in the work and do what it takes to make your dreams become your realty.

Clinton Swaine, Founder – Frontier Trainings



Key Concepts:

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