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Sales Mastery – World’s #1 Experiential Sales Mastery Course


Welcome to Sales Mastery

Do you want to become a master salesperson?

Would you like to be able to productize and streamline your content or I.P.?

Do you want to create sales systems that will work for you, freeing up your time?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, then Sales Mastery is for you.

SM1Sales Mastery is an in-depth, fully experiential, 3-day sales course taught by Frontier Trainings. This course trains students in many sales and productization skills such as: building strong relationships and rapid rapport; closing techniques to move prospective customers closer to the sale; proper etiquette and tools for strategic networking; protecting an organization from the perils of explosive growth; maximizing and managing product range, as well as many other techniques that every sales master should know.

This course, like all Frontier Trainings courses, uses cutting edge Experiential Games Technology™ to create an immersive environment where the material is learned through experience and training. This means material is absorbed faster than in any other training on the market.SM3 

Sales Mastery features our signature game: Strategic Selling™. This game gives students the opportunity to build a solid, profit-generating system in the room and to accumulate the most Net Profit in the game. The ability to generate income is an indicator whether, as an entrepreneur, you will succeed.

SM2This game covers all the aspects of creating a successful product and the systems to keep producing that product to generate ongoing income. Students gain experience creating I.P., positioning their company and product, writing sales copy, producing their product, delivering service and capturing leads.

If you’re ready to improve your sales skills and your ability to build the systems that will grow your business, then this course is for you.

So come and join us and see how YOU can transform your business and the way you do sales.

Clinton Swaine, Founder – Frontier Trainings



Key Concepts:

Sales Mastery


Have you ever met someone and felt as if you’ve known them for years? Ever been told that you and a friend have similar mannerisms? Rapport is a combination of comfort and trust that stem from a feeling of familiarity with another person.

This is something that is typically developed over time but, with the right tools, can also happen rapidly. The ability to develop rapport with someone is useful not only in sales, but every area of life. What would life be like if everywhere you went, you cheered up people’s days, made children laugh and gave people more reasons to smile?

During the Rapport and Relationships section, you will learn the 16 Keys to Building Trust and practice demonstrating them with your fellow students. This will assist you to become more comfortable and authentic in building rapport with everyone you meet.


There are many closing techniques available to use in selling. In the olden days of selling, ‘the close’ was considered critical and the idea hard selling was associated with high pressure, dominant, demanding sales people. Nowadays selling is considered more soft selling. Meaning that by providing exceptional value the sale becomes easier and the client has all the answers they need.

People are better informed and have access to more information than ever before. In most cases, 75% of the work of selling now is done BEFORE the close. Now, the close is simply moving them into the buying phase of the sale or finding out what is still in the way of the sale.

During this section you will learn and drill 30 of the most powerful and effective closing techniques available. This range of techniques will give you a tool for every occasion and objection.


Ever been to a networking event where you had the uneasy feeling that no one actually cared about you, but simply saw you as a piece of fresh meat for their business?

Networking events can be incredible tools to build your business if you know how to do it right. Networking is about building a small number of quality relationships that will move forward after the event versus simply being a game of collecting cards so you can let them collect dust.

There are countless ways to be a bad networker, including being self obsessed, rude, disinterested, disconnected, forgetful, having poor manners and many more. During this section, you will learn to rapidly identify those traits as well as learning, and training, the 4 Keys to Networking Success. Networking should be a positive experience… not just making your rounds and waiting for the time to pass.


Productization is developing a service or concept, etc. into a product. In the current market, it is essential to create multiple products and packages to increase the value you offer. Nowadays, more and more items are being compared as commodities. With the incredible growth of the internet people have instant access to countless products, price comparisons, lists of comparable features, reviews and so much more.

Competing only on price drives down profitability and the moment someone drops their price lower, we have lost our edge. As a result we need to find what other products can supplement our package that to give it a higher perceived value in the eyes of the consumers.

The goal should be to to add in as much value to the package as possible with items of high perceived value and low overhead cost. This section will discuss and work with you to maximize your product range as well as cover how to: position, package, profile and promote your product.


With such easy access to information, products and services, most people don’t care about care what your business, product or idea does, they care about how it can benefit them; this means we must learn how speak in a language the customer wants to hear. This means we must gear our companies, products and services to appeal to our client base’s values and desires while setting ourselves apart from the competition.

What do you stand for? What makes you different? What is your unique twist? TLA’s (Three-Letter Acronyms), tag lines, establishing expertise and proper branding can help to differentiate you make these things known to your customer base.

During this section you will receive personalized coaching to coin your brand, tagline or TLA so that you can begin weaving them into your presentations, marketing and products and begin setting yourself apart as soon as you leave the training room.


As business owners, we’re almost constantly looking for ways to improve, grow and expand our businesses. In most cases, it feels like this can’t happen fast enough, but expanding too much too fast can sometimes be more detrimental than not expanding at all.

So what happens when you hit the ‘Motherlode’? Issues can include: managing acquisitions, personnel and staffing, brand management, saturation, law suits, changing markets, system failure and countless more. This section will discuss how you can protect your organization from the perils of explosive growth and build the systems to help it whether the storms to come.

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