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Sourcery – The World’s #1 Experiential Course In Strategic Manifestation

SOURCERY_FINALWelcome to Sourcery

Are you ready to clearly define your own incredible future?

Do you want to accelerate the realization of your goals and dreams?

Do you want to learn to create a systematized road map to allow you to get there?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then Sourcery is for you.

Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at 12.38.13 PMSourcery is the World’s Number One Course In Strategic Manifestation. Sourcery is a process-based course, meaning that the curriculum is designed to teach students a range of strategic manifestation skills through a series of processes that build upon each other as the course goes along. At the end of Sourcery, all of these skills come together to create a set of techniques that can be replicated again and again, to manifest incredible results into your life, year after year.

So what is Strategic Manifestation? Strategic Manifestation is creating with purpose. Every day we can manifest both positively and negatively, creating – success, joy, peace, hurt, failure… we can create it all. The idea of Strategic Manifestation is to get conscious of everything that we are manifesting – both positive and negative – and then, to become  exceptional at creating what we DO want and eliminating that which we do not.

Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at 12.38.24 PMSourcery takes this on in a whole new way, giving students clear, applicable tools not only to clarify and visualize – but to create detailed plans and an array of incredible support tools. You will identify and plan contingencies for possible road blocks; create customized and readily applicable affirmations; mold your mindset for success; create accountability systems to keep you on track along the way, and so much more…

If you have a grand vision for your life and are ready to learn the methods that will allow you to create tools to skyrocket you towards that vision, then this program is for you. Like all Frontier Trainings courses, Sourcery is fast, to the point and founded in application, accountability, feedback and Action Steps for rapid implementation once the training is over.

So come join us and learn these incredible tools to start living your vision now.

Clinton Swaine

Founder – Frontier Trainings

Key Concepts:



Until you gain absolute clarity on your goals and dreams, you cannot expect to fully achieve your desires.

That is why the first step we take is to get you clear. We take you through a series of processes to assist you in defining your goals in all major areas of your life; this ensures you are not only manifesting the fulfillment of your business or personal development goals, but we ensure that you are coming from a place of balance to create the life you desire in every arena.


Have you ever made a New Year’s Resolution? Have you ever gotten really excited about the resolutions you set, worked diligently for a month – maybe two, and then lost the motivation and gave up entirely shortly thereafter?

Well, that’s how most people go about setting goals. It’s great to set goals, but without having a road map to follow, the trials, obstacles, blocks and even opportunities can easily pull you off your path.

That’s why the next step we take you through is defining your path by organizing your goals in a timeline format. This allows you to see how everything will come together over time to support the realization your major goals. This process helps eliminate the ‘New Year’s Resolution Syndrome’ by allowing you to build up one step at a time – instead of expecting to make radical, unsustainable change over night.


One of the biggest deterrents that stops people from realizing their goals, is the failure to put contingencies in place.

Most people set goals when they are in a dream like state, only really looking at best case scenario possibilities. The problem with this, is they don’t look at the potential downsides and the blocks that could throw all of their plans to the wind.

The next step we take you through is first, identifying everything that could possibly go wrong along the way, this is followed by detailed contingency creation so that no matter what comes your way, nothing will be able to pull you off your path.


Each section of the course will get you to create a different tool to support your path. Each tool is designed to appeal to all styles of learning whether you are visual, auditory or kinesthetic. This range increases stimulation to support you in achieving your desired outcomes.

These support tools are a system that once learned, can be replicated again and again, year after year to support growth for the long term.


Throughout the course, an underlying focus is getting you to rewire your psychology for success. Many people underestimate the true effect that mindset can have on their results, but in the realm of manifestation, having the proper mindset it essential. Many of the exercises will support this process so that once you leave, you’re ready to become an automatic manifestation machine.


Personal accountability. It sounds simple enough, but it is often the biggest road block faced when working towards a goal. It’s easy to hold one’s self to a higher standard when others are watching, but success is determined by the level to which you hold yourself on a daily basis, when no one is watching.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by daily commitments and put more long-term goals on the back burner – especially when seeing the results takes more time and effort.

The last process we take you through is creating personalized accountability systems to support continued growth. These systems are simple, easy to use and most importantly – effective. This works by gradually integrating small changes into your life on a daily basis to support steady growth over time.