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Speak for Life – The World’s #1 Business Course For Speakers


Welcome to Speak For Life

Are you interested in becoming a professionally paid speaker?

Do you want to create the lifestyle of your dreams, while impacting others around the world?

Do you want to build your speaking business into a global speaking empire?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then Speak for Life is for you.

Speak for Life is a games-based course, meaning the curriculum is learned  through experience and is designed to give you in-depth insight into the speaking business, while preparing you for the challenges and variables  that lie ahead.

As Speakers, we are faced with so many unique challenges that most of us have to learn through ‘The School of Hard Knocks’. This games-based style of learning will give you a comprehensive look of the speaking industry and all its variables to prepare you for what you’ll face along this journey and give you the tools you need to succeed.

Whether you are a Promoter, an Event Manager or a Speaker, Speak for Life will give you clear, direct lessons and personalized feedback to move your business forward and be prepared to flourish.

The curriculum in Speak for Life is based around our world class, signature game: The Circuit. The Circuit will fully immerse you in the role of your choosing, Event Manager, Speaker, Promoter etc., and let you experience every aspect of your chosen field and grow that business over the course of three days. From contract negotiation to logistics management, from curriculum design to event marketing, you’ll get to experience it all at its best… and worst.

Along with experiencing the games offered, you’ll get to ask all of your most puzzling industry questions. Clinton Swaine, The Founder, Owner and Lead Trainer of Frontier Trainings, will share with you all his knowledge and insight from the past 8 years of owing and operating his own global speaking business. Whether you want to learn about getting testimonials, dealing with crisis, booking engagements, finding joint ventures or going international, he’ll give you his personal experience as well as his lessons learned from all of the other top speakers in the industry.

If you are a speaker, trainer, facilitator or promoter (or on your way to becoming one) and are ready to take the steps to grow your business, come join us learn the what most speakers wish they’d have known when they started out. Like all Frontier Trainings courses, it is fast, to the point and is based on application, feedback and Action Steps for rapid implementation once the training is over.

So come join us and learn these incredible, transformational tools and get ready to truly build a speaking empire.

Clinton Swaine

Founder – Frontier Trainings

Key Concepts:

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Most starting Event Managers do not quite realize just how much there is to manage and organize until after their event has come and gone. From booking venues and coordinating supplies to managing logistics, hiring speakers and so much more. Each of these responsibilities comes with a myriad of things that could go wrong.

During Speak for Life, you get to experience coordinating all of these to bring together a seamless and profitable event. Issues will arise, but preparing for them in advance takes away the guess work and the fear of the unknown as well as providing practical solutions so that when issues come up, as they inevitably will, you’re prepared to handle it easily and effortlessly.


Audio/Visual can make or break your event. From equipment checklists to legal requirements and limitations to finding the right music to create the perfect atmosphere for each section of your event. Speak for Life will help you prepare to use Audio/Visual to seamlessly energize, calm, move and impact your students. lighting


Too many starting speakers take the “If we build it, they will come” approach to running their events. Unfortunately, for 99% of speakers, this does NOT work. Event Marketing is one of, if not THE, most challenging areas for the seminar industry. Today, the market is absolutely saturated and as a result, it is becoming increasingly difficult to fill rooms. simply offering an event with great value doesn’t work anymore.

There is a big difference between how many register for an event, vs. how many actually turn up vs. how many will actually stay until the end. We will discuss the pitfalls and challenges businesses face as well as the new and innovative strategies companies use to fill their rooms.


Creating curriculum for a single day can seem a daunting task, let alone writing content for three, four or even fives days or more. As the world leader in experiential content creation, with 24 complete, multi-day courses, we have had ample practice designing curriculum and writing content. During this time, we have created our own template that will help you easily map out your course in a matter of minutes.

This template can be taken and used time and time again to break up your content in a way that will help convey your message for maximum impact. Once you have outlined your course, we give you our content blocking template which you can use to map out each individual section of content. Before you know it your curriculum will be polished, clean and ready to impact your students.


From contracting venues, to hiring speakers, negotiating profit splits, speaking on external stages and more, as in all industries, it is critical that you go in prepared. Having a knowledge of industry averages, terms and conditions to be abided by, leverage to create win-win outcomes and negotiation tactics specific to these areas will be invaluable in your event preparation and execution.


There is so much more to the speaking industry than getting on stage and teaching some content.  As in all businesses, it is critical to have a plan for where you want to go as well as knowing what you want to avoid. Do you want to expand internationally? Do you want to expand your training team and franchise your content? How large do you want to grow? Do you want to offer private consulting? The list goes on.

Through each exercise, you will get a feel for where you want to branch out, how large you want to grow and what each of these options entail giving you a plan for gradual growth and expansion.


Check lists, crew organization and management, room setup, supplies, handouts and SO much more. Effective events run on logistics. Small breakdowns dramatically change the whole energy of the room. Throughout the course, we will provide you with examples, templates and systems to help your events run as smoothly as possible.


Once you have solidified your signature content, you should be looking into turning it into products to start producing passive income. From audio products, to ebooks,  podcasts, video products, self-publishing and more, we’ll discuss what each entails and which options will work best with your content to add maximum value to your students and get build your credibility and public image.


The saying that everything that can go wrong will go wrong is, unfortunately, especially true where events are concerned. When you’re dealing with venues, lighting, external speakers and large audiences every small crisis is magnified ten fold. From alarms going off and disrupting content to student transportation breakdowns to physical and mental health challenges that can come up at any moment you must be prepared to mitigate these challenges.

Knowing how to get your content back on track when these issues arise and keep the flow of the energy moving is critical to every aspect of your event’s success. During the circuit, you will get ample practice working through these and similar challenges so you can experience dealing with them and making your event profitable, regardless.


We look forward to sharing all of these tips, skills and tools with you at Speak for Life.

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