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Entrepreneurial School of Excellence

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The Entrepreneurial School of Excellence is specifically designed for entrepreneurs, business owners and investors to acquire and train skills in the areas of: sales, investing, negotiation, team management, innovation, strategy, system building, crisis management and more.

You won’t learn these spending your time sitting in rows, taking notes and falling asleep… we get you ‘doing’ the material. If you’re like us, you want to use your time effectively and get real-world strategies, tools and techniques that you can leverage immediately when you return to your business.

Each technique and skill is taught in a high pressure, challenging growth environment. Our goal is to make the games parallel real life, being as (or more) challenging. This way, applying them to your business not only seems simple by comparison – but is automatic.

Each game is specifically designed so that it doesn’t matter whether you are a small business owner or a multi-millionaire, you will be find the solutions for your business. By experiencing powerful, in-depth, hands-on business games and simulations, you will not only learn a wide range of business lessons, but rewire your psychology for success.

Entrepreneurial School of Excellence
Sales Explosion Sales Mastery Sales Supremacy
Business Brilliance Business Empire Breakthrough to Billions
Strategic Brilliance Art of Diplomacy Dynamic Impact
Living Visionary Leadership Championship Team Financial Fortress