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Spirit of Greatness – World’s #1 Experiential Personal Development Course



Welcome to Spirit of Greatness

Are you ready to step up to your true potential?

Are you ready to carve your place in history?

Are you ready to break out of what is not working and take your next step?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, Spirit of Greatness is for you.

What does it mean to have a Spirit of Greatness?

SOG 3On August 1, 1786, an eager young astronomer peered through a telescope, panning the night’s sky like a prospector pans for gold. Eureka! She had found it. That’s right, she. Her name was Caroline Herschel, and she became the first woman to ever discover a comet.

No doubt, it was no small feat. Having escaped a life of domestic servitude in Germany, her persistence and patience in her craft became the common threads that wound their way through her long string of discoveries after that. Just one year later in 1787, she became the first woman in Britain ever to make her living from science.

Never heard of her? Don’t feel bad. Most people have not.

You see, greatness for her was not about fame and fortune but about the passion and purpose that burned in her heart for astronomy. Greatness for her was not about resignation to her life’s lot but about boldly forging a new path and paving the way for so many women to come. Greatness for her was not about basking in contentment either, but about becoming like the telescope she looked through to see ever deeper past the darkness into entire new realms of possibility.

What does greatness mean to you?

SOG 1You get to decide what greatness means to you. Does it mean becoming a world leader? Does it mean having fame and fortune? Is it about making a subtle but steady impact? Is it simply showing up more in your everyday life to make a difference for your friends and family? There is no wrong answer.

To us, greatness is NOT about us. It’s about others and the world we serve. It’s about creating positive ripple effects with the actions we take in each and every moment.

Greatness is a process. It does take time, just as it takes time for the age-old starlight to reach your gazing eyes. Sometimes it even takes thousands of years, reaching us far after those stars have been snuffed out from the cosmos. Yet each day is a microcosm of your life, like a fresh match waiting to ignite the starry light of your own lasting legacy.

Just the fact that you’re reading this means that you are ready to find greatness in your life, even if you have no idea how to get there.

So, what will YOU gain from attending Spirit of Greatness?

SOG 2In Spirit of Greatness, you will study great leaders, like Caroline Herschel, of the past and present and incorporates their values, their essence and their spirit into lessons which allow students to really own their own greatness.

If you join us at Spirit of Greatness, you will have the opportunity to: reframe your limiting beliefs and replace them with new, empowering ones; rewire the negative patterns that are holding you back; raise your levels of consciousness and empower you to step up on a much greater scale; set a plan to measurably achieve your Big Hairy Audacious Goals; embrace your most positive attributes and magnify them as part of who you are; break free of your fears, open up and create a new space for growth and trust… and so, so much more.

By embracing the lessons of this program the students not only get a broader perspective but get to see themselves on a much bigger level and gain the courage and boldness to chase their big dreams.

So isn’t it time to let your Spirit of Greatness shine?

To find out when Spirit of Greatness will be running near you, please visit: frontierhost.wpengine.com/schedule

Clinton Swaine, Founder – Frontier Trainings


Spirit of Greatness is, by far, one of our student’s favorite courses.

Here's what they have to say about their experiences:

“Every moment during Spirit of Greatness holds the opportunity to rediscover and recommit to your authentic purpose. Clinton has masterfully orchestrated this event to create an environment that is both nurturing and clarifying.

For me, the transformations I experienced have resulted in profound advancement in both my personal and professional life. Don't miss this unique opportunity – celebrate and savor the rediscovery and recommitment to your Spirit of Greatness!” – Sharon Thompson, Sharon Thompson Design

“The most powerful course I have EVER attended! Who would have thought that one can walk into a room on day 1 and leave on day 4 being COMPLETELY transformed.” – Jordis Annik Rau

“What a wonderful course… Truly transformational and life-giving…I don't where I'd be without Frontier Trainings… They're family!” –Juliet Humphrey

“What a phenomenal 4 days of my life! So glad I stepped outside my comfort zone. I now understand myself so much more & have gone deeper into my soul than I ever thought was possible. I am humbled by the humility & support I received during Spirit of Greatness. Thank you with all my heart!” – Ashley Gilbert

“The Spirit of Greatness course is profound and life-changing. It was amazing and magical. Spirit of Greatness honors the sacredness of life and buoys one up to their full potential, as beings of Love and Light.
Now I understand unity on a global playing field. Through this course, I feel complete clarity of my life's purpose. I wish my art to inspire world peace and love. My business, thePetPhotographer.com, launched worldwide and I have had the honor of photographing for Oprah's O Magazine.
I am living my creative dream, due in large part to Clinton Swaine. I am in awe of how BRILLIANT Clinton and the Frontier Trainings staff are. There are no words to express my deep gratitude.” – Lori Cheung, thePetPhotographer.com

“Spirit of Greatness was a true turning point in my life, a line of demarcation. It's effects long term have been nothing short of miraculous, each day, the impact of the course grows greater.

Embracing and owning my own Spirit of Greatness is such a blessing. The course does it in such a magical and miraculous way. Four days you will remember for the rest of your life as truly life changing tools, new connections in your own brain are formed, inventing your own code of honor, and most importantly OWNING your own greatness.

I can truly say I am the Happiest I have ever been in my entire Life, and Spirit of Greatness is a beautiful catalyst to that way of being.
I say don't walk, don't jog, but RUN, RUN to the next opportunity to take this course. It truly is a gift to give yourself.” – Sailesh Ranchod, Author of ‘Be Clear Now'.