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Corporate Training

Frontier Trainings offers a variety of Corporate Training packages. Each uses cutting edge experiential games and simulations. Unlike traditional training that is primarily taught through lectures or simple interactions between participants, experiential training (commonly known as ‘gamification’) involves the use of games and simulated environments that gain active participation of all attendees, heighten learnings, increase retention and dramatically improve long term results.

Training can either be selected from one of our themed training days, custom-selected from our existing course curriculum or training can be custom built to suit your individual corporate needs.

Below is a summation of each of the themed training days we offer. If you have any questions, or would like to speak to a member of our team about booking a training day, please email us at:



This course focuses on innovation and taking a product from Idea through to Systemization. It involves a major game focusing on four keys to innovation; Time To Market, Design Specifications, Quality of Design and Marketing. The debrief of the game is intense and bring in concepts of quality control, communication, customer relations, customer input into the design process, production challenges and product delivery.


This course focuses on the keys to creating tight systems in the business to streamline production and is based on a game where students must document a system and make that system flawlessly repeatable to outside members. The game reveals the importance of documentation, clarity, communication, testing, feedback and error management. This day provides a touchstone for students when discussing processes to systemize.


This Course focuses on the Optimization of a business and revolves around a central game involving productivity and optimization. Students work in teams to take a process and streamline it. Through multiple iterations they are able to see dramatic improvement in efficiency and effectiveness. This course translates directly into all areas of production and administration and can generate dramatic results.


This Course focuses on teamwork, communication and leadership. The Major game focuses on role allocation, communication, vision, management, client relations enrollment, productivity, expansion and accountability. Students participate in teams with leaders selected by the facilitator. Leaders are under enormous pressure to perform under strict timelines and as expansion occurs the bar continues to be raised.


This Course focuses on dealing with, and succeeding in, a high pressure environment. The game challenges student’s ability to multi-task and continually raise their standards while managing a diverse range of tasks. Team Leaders are given positions of responsibility and accountability and must report regularly. This course covers communication, leadership, innovation, managing deliverables, strategy and dealing with pressure.


This Course is ideal for a company who is creating products for mass market. It has a major game which focuses on innovation, marketing, production, systemization, costumer relations and contract negotiations. This game has students deal with challenges such as: quality control, team communication, competition, changes in the market place, positioning, packaging, pricing and scalability.


This Course deals with communication and teamwork with a decentralized team. The game involves production in different locations with financial consequences based upon the performance on each individual business unit. Units face personnel changes, changing environmental conditions and associates costs for management intervention in each location resulting in a critical debrief regarding communication and teamwork.


This course deals with teams working together to produce and market a product. It revolves around a game that gets the students to be responsible for the branding, positioning, copy-writing, packaging, lead generation, sales and expansion of their business. Teams are under pressure to get the product to market and remain financially viable amongst heavy competition and changes in market demands.

Each of these days can be purchased individually or as part of a package. While each day stands alone as a day of training there is an option to add additional support to improve implementation and management of the of the lessons involved. It is highly recommended to include follow up support to get the maximum from the days as many ideas and concepts will emerge after the games.


CONSULTING – 6 months of ongoing Consulting with key personnel involved in the teams and with the personnel involved. This can involve weekly meetings or as needed to follow up with challenges and problems that are being faced by the team.

CONSULTING – 3 months of ongoing Consulting with key personnel involved in the teams and with the personnel involved. This can involve weekly meetings or as needed to follow up with challenges and problems that are being faced by the team.

FOLLOWUP – A followup meeting can be arranged either in person or by the internet to review the lessons and deal with challenges and opportunities arising from the training.