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Business Empire – The World’s #1 Experiential Business Expansion Course.


Welcome to Business Empire

Do you want to build your business as an empire that will last for generations?

Do you want to be able to create powerful joint ventures and strategic alliances?

Would you like to be able to streamline and systematize your business for maximum efficiency?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, Business Empire is for you.

Business Empire is a game-based course, meaning the curriculum is entirely based around games and processes to teach you invaluable business lessons.

The games will teach you a vast range of business skills including: building systems, crisis management, sales presentations, marketing, strategic planning, financial management, branding, customer service and so many more…

The program uses cutting edge Experiential Game Technology to teach its students how to succeed in business and build their empire. It uses music, art, and costumes to create different environments in the room which are immersive so the students can learn AND retain the information so much faster.

If you have a business or are about to start one and are ready to build the foundation for long term wealth then this program is for you. Like all Frontier Trainings courses, it is fast, to the point and is based on Action Steps for rapid implementation once the training is over.

So come and join us and see why so many people are raving about this incredible, life-changing program.

Clinton Swaine

Founder – Frontier Trainings


Key Concepts:

Business Empire


In all our courses, the skill of negotiating is actively promoted. The course creates an open environment for negotiating and lays down the principle that ‘Everything is Negotiable'. In the games the students get to test their attitude to negotiating as well as the ability to identify opportunities to negotiate and then to implement their skills to test the results in an educational and realistically environment. This one skill alone has made a profound affect on students when they realize that it takes six attempts on major transactions before most deals are concluded and teaches the students to go back and back and back.


In every business there are six limiting factors. The lowest of these six determines the success of the business. They are Production, Distribution, Team, Finance, Marketing and Demand. You job is to work on all six categories and keep them in balance.


One of the most important skills required in business is that of leadership. Your ability to be a great leader especially under very challenging circumstances is taught and reemphasized through a number of diverse games.


The course covers the key billionaire principles that have skyrocketed individuals from nothing to super wealthy following time honored principles. These were first identified by Martin Fridson in his excellent book ‘How to Be a Billionaire' and cover everything from holding onto your equity, keeping the backdoor open and constant knowledge acquisition.


How you build your management team and overall team determines the height of your success. Individuals can only reach a certain level as they are not leveraging a key component of wealth ie time. Using the power of DISC we teach key distinctions to find, train and build powerful teams.


Your business functions much like a small country. Are you prepared to fight in the marketplace against competitors. Use these 12 military principles to grow, expand and protect your business from competition and to become the empire your envisioned it to be.


One of the most important elements taught in the courses is the ability to respond to crisis when they occur. It is not a matter of when, it is just a matter of time. A crisis is a breakdown in a system. 94% of breakdowns are system where as only 6% are actually people. We rate the level of ‘Events' on a scale of 1-6 with one being inconsequential through to 6 which is unrecoverable. An example using a sailing metaphor would be

1) Inconsequential – Someone spills the ketchup in the galley
2) Minor – The lights do not work during the day
3) Serious – Someone breaks the Radio
4) Major – Man Overboard
5) Catastrophic – Boom breaks in a storm
6) Unrecoverable – Boat capsizes and starts going under


In this course we play one of the most impactful games Lords of Plantasia which is about strategic planning and execution. The games selecting the leadership of an organization and building a cohesive team to implement the regular commitments that must be delivered to the Senior Management.


In the sales process we cover the ten critical phases of completing a sale, everything from identifying your target market, to delivery and followup through to Testimonials and Referrals. This section lays the groundwork for your sales process and allows to focus on the customer and their needs.


Both your company's and products brands are so critical to its success. This game called ‘Expand Your Brand' covers critical laws that allow your brand to get Top Of Mind with your target market. When Jack Welch came to General Electric he stated his goal was to be first or second in the market or not at all. These positions are where the profit is generated.


It is said you have thirty seconds to get someones attention and interest and you should consider like you were in an elevator. In this exercise you get to practice doing your elevator speech under time and emotional pressure knowing that when you leave the room you will have more time and far less pressure.


Success on a large scale is only really possible with the ability to systematize the way your business runs. In Business Empire we show you step by step how to build a system and you get to see where the breakdowns occur in building systems. This one exercise can alter your business forever.


Joint ventures are vastly under-utilized in most small businesses however, creating joint ventures can be an incredibly effective way to promote your business and grow your client base. Creating joint ventures gives you the ability to use leverage to your advantage. By creating a joint venture with a larger corporation, you are able to promote and grow your brand without the cost and time consumption of marketing campaigns. During this section, you will learn how to create put together a successful joint venture and how to create win-win-win outcomes for all parties involved. Win for the customer, win for your joint venture partner and of course, win for your company.

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