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Art of Diplomacy – World’s #1 Experiential Negotiation Course







Welcome to Art of Diplomacy

Do you want to become a master negotiator? Do you want to understand critical keys to avoid being manipulated? Would you like to be able to control the power dynamic in any situation?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, Art of Diplomacy is for you.

Art of Diplomacy is the world famous 4-Day course taught by Frontier Trainings that teaches negotiation, persuasion and influence. The course, like all Frontier Trainings courses, uses cutting edge Experiential Games Technology™ to create an immersive environment where the material is learned through experience and absorbed faster than in any other training on the market.

Art of Diplomacy teaches: Handling Rejection, Understanding the nuances of Body Language, Creating Win-Win negotiations, The Influence of Buzz, Marketing Mechanics, Laws of Power, International Diplomacy, Building Lasting Rapport, Gender Relations and more.

If you're ready to improve your negotiation skills and your ability to influence people so you can accomplish your goals faster than you ever thought possible, then this course is for you.

So come and join us and see why so many people are raving about this incredible life-changing program.

Clinton Swaine, Founder – Frontier Trainings



Key Concepts:


The courses creates an open environment for negotiating and lays down the principle that ‘Everything is Negotiable'. In the games the students get to test their attitude to negotiating as well as the ability to identify opportunities to negotiate and then to implement their skills to test the results in an educational and realistically environment. This one skill alone has made a profound affect on students when they realize that it takes six attempts on major transactions before most deals are concluded and teaches the students to go back and back and back.


One of the important skills we emphasize in all our trainings and especially in this program is the power of perseverance. By this I mean the power to continue going after what you are after when logic says the window of opportunity has closed. Most people quit far too early on their path to success. We teach perseverance as a way of life in everything you do.


These 48 Laws allow you to control large groups of people and move in the direction of your vision. Power comes from many sources and understanding and utilizing the power will make a tremendous difference in your organization and in your life. One of the most least understood and critical we spend a lot time covering each law and how it can be used most effectively.


The interaction between males and females is an integral part of diplomacy and influence. Both sexes have their own unique characteristics as has been explored in books like ‘Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus.'. By understanding and tapping into these differences the power of gender can create many advantageous opportunities.


In his great book ‘Psychology of Influence', Robert Cialdini covered a number of key techniques that we allow ourselves to be influenced from others. Techniques including the law of reciprocity, the power of authority, the rule of consistency and the effect of social proof. Each of these is discussed on how to utilize and how to avoid being taken advantage of.


One of the most important part of this program is the ability to think multiple moves ahead. By planning multiple given courses just like a chess master you are able to anticipate future outcomes and be prepared for all the contingencies. There are a number of games where strategic planning is important in allowing you to get the desired result with the least risk.


Long before the Greeks made Oratory into an art form the power of the spoken work to large groups of people has been a powerful tool of persuasion. What makes a Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr, Lincoln, J.F. Kennedy so impactful. One of the keys is their use of skills in Oratory to take an audience and move them in mind, heart and spirit in any direction emotionally. In this program we break down the ability to speak to groups and analyze it piece by piece.


In this program we study body language through a number of processes that pull out the nuances and identify what body language gets communicated under immense pressure. It is said that 55% of our communication is by body language and this program allows us to tap into it and use it as a great ally.


The relationships in the game are framed in a win-win context. A win-lose context normally leads to lose-lose and when the parties experience this in the game it clearly reinforces the difference in exploitative deals vs long lasting win-win deals. Part of the context of the course is there is the moral slippery slope that as people start to move down it is very hard to restore the relationships. The games bring out people's real emotions, attitudes and actions under pressure and as such we debrief, discuss what was missing and focus on achieving the target.


One of the most important elements taught in the courses is the ability to respond to crisis when they occur. It is not a matter of when, it is just a matter of time. A crisis is a breakdown in a system. 94% of breakdowns are system where as only 6% are actually people. We rate the level of ‘Events' on a scale of 1-6 with one being inconsequential through to 6 which is unrecoverable. An example using a sailing metaphor would be

1) Inconsequential – Someone spills the ketchup in the galley 2) Minor – The lights do not work during the day 3) Serious – Someone breaks the Radio 4) Major – Man Overboard 5) Catastrophic – Boom breaks in a storm 6) Unrecoverable – Boat capsizes and starts going under BOLDNESS

Boldness is an oft overlooked key to influence and persuasion. Most people are very timid in asking for what you want. By practicing bold moves through all the games the students see how this can then be translated into their life and in manifesting their dreams. Instead of playing small and conservative they play at a much higher level.

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