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Championship Team – World’s #1 Experiential Team-Building Course


Welcome to Championship Team

Do you want to a become better and more effective leader?

Would you like to be able to inspire, uplift and motivate your team, even under pressure?

Do you want to learn the skills to create a Championship Team that works as a unit and produces results?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, Championship Team is for you.

CT1Championship Team is an in-depth, fully experiential, 5-day team-building course taught by Frontier Trainings. This course trains students in many leadership and team-building skills including: Selecting a championship team, building a common vision, resolving conflict, role specialization, dealing with unexpected events and many more!

Championship Team is NOT your typical team-building seminar. Most play some get to know you games, have a trust fall, play a game where you build something as a team and then talk about how to resolve conflict. All in all, you’ll get some good information, but you won’t leave with lasting change.

Championship Team is designed to push you, challenge you and get RESULTS. This means it is tough, grueling and it will make you want to quit; but those who push themselves and persevere get a sense of immense accomplishment and find that the way they communicate, work with others and achieve goals is absolutely transformed.

CT2The exercises in this course range from simple, introductory team projects, to tasks designed to challenge you physically, mentally, emotionally, intellectually and creatively. These will hone your skills in communication, managing team energy and resources, delegating tasks effectively, playing to team member’s strengths and rapidly resolving conflict.

This course, like all Frontier Trainings courses, creates an immersive environment where the material is learned through experience, rigor and training. This means lessons are absorbed faster and more effectively, creating lasting change when you leave.

If you’re ready to improve your team-building skills – whether as a leader or a follower – and your ability to rapidly produce tangible results, then this course is for you.

So come and join us and experience what Championship Team can do to transform your business and the way you work with others.

Clinton Swaine – Founder, Frontier Trainings.


Key Concepts:

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A Championship Team is a ‘star team’ VS. a ‘team of stars’. This means each member is fully enrolled into the vision and has a sense of shared ownership for the results they create, even when the leader is not present. It is the leader’s job to cultivate an environment where team members feel safe in expressing valuable ideas, giving constructive feedback and productively resolving conflict with one another.

A great leader understands the strengths and weaknesses of their team, knows which hats each should wear and which hats to keep them far away from. When this dynamic is created, the team can bond and work cohesively as a unit. They are able to trust their team members to accomplish a task and create incredible outcomes.


Creating a common vision is critical when building a Championship Team. Many teams do not need a common vision, they simply work from 9-5 doing their jobs.

This dynamic is fine… if all you want are employees who come in, do their job and go home. However, if you want people who will go above and beyond their ‘jobs’ to get something done; if you want a team who is inspired to be part of a project; if you want to truly gel with your team and create a culture of pride, satisfaction and enjoyment in the work-place, then having a team who is aligned in a common vision is essential.

Building a common vision will unite your team and inspire them to achieve the vision. A common vision will move them into action and help them push through the trials and challenges. If the vision inspires them, they WILL push though because they are personally invested and are in complete alignment.


Conflict: it is something we can all face when working with others. Working long hours, in close proximity, under time pressure and stress is the perfect recipe for conflict to arise… unless you understand how to prevent it or use it constructively.

When conflict occurs, it is critical to understand how to resolve it rapidly and get your team back on track. Typically, conflict arises due to either the ideas, principles or processes of a project or is aimed at a person, their emotions or values. Both types of conflict can create discontent and fester if they are not dealt with.

It is important to know, when conflict arises, which type of conflict is happening so you best understand how to resolve it promptly and effectively. Is the conflict being caused by people or a process? By values or a logistical issue? Either way, learning the Rapid Conflict Resolution system can open up pathways to communication and get a team moving forward as a unit.


Jim Collins uses a bus as an analogy for a business: ‘Put the right people on the bus – and get the wrong people off the bus – put the right people in the right seats – then figure out where to drive it’. Not every person has the same skills. Someone might be brilliant at a technical aspect of your business, but be a terrible communicator; someone may be great at customer service, but awful at sales.

It is important to understand role specialization and be able to accurately identify the strengths and weaknesses of your team members, giving them tasks that play to their strengths; else, everyone ends up frustrated, disgruntled and unsatisfied with their roles.


One of the most important elements taught in the courses is the ability to respond to unexpected events and crisis when they occur. It is not a matter of if, it is a matter of when. Unexpected events and crisis WILL occur and planning for contingencies is just part of doing business.

When they do occur, it is easy to get alarmed, stressed, frustrated or place blame. If you want to create a Championship Team, you must simply learn to accept them, analyze the situation and find a way to deal with it in a proactive and levelheaded manner.


One of the biggest keys to Championship Team is perseverance. As mentioned above, this course is designed to challenge you to a point where you’re questioning if you can go on. The answer is yes, you can go on; it is simply a matter of whether you’re willing to look for solutions, think outside the box, communicate your needs and keep on going.

Can you inspire your team to stay aligned with the vision and push through the hard times? Can you motivate them when they DON’T want to be motivated? Can you manage their energy properly so they push their limits, without burning out? The way you answer these questions and persevere as both a team member and a leader will determine your success. It is up to you how you play and the lessons you extract from the course.

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