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Living Visionary Leadership – World’s #1 Leadership Development Course


Welcome to Living Visionary Leadership

Do you want to lead with confidence and conviction?

Do you want to be able to communicate your vision in an enrolling way?

Would you like to thrive under the pressure of having others look to you for guidance?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then Living Visionary Leadership is for you.

Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 7.20.44 PMLiving Visionary Leadership is a games-based course, meaning the curriculum is taught primarily through games and processes to teach you invaluable leadership lessons by actually having you step up as a leader in each and every game.

Because the course is fully experiential and multidimensional, you will be able to see how your results change and improve as you step up game after game. During that time, you will be able to clearly identify your strengths and weaknesses as you guide and manage teams with various personality types, communication styles and work ethics in an array of situations.

Whether you feel you are a born leader, have had leadership thrust upon you, shy away from leadership roles or aspire to stepping up and leading over time, Living Visionary Leadership has something to offer. Whether you are in charge of a team or are an active member you will experience the ups and downs of leadership under pressure. Pressure makes diamonds and pressure also makes rubble. Which are you?

Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 7.21.18 PMLeadership is a skill to be trained. The best leaders are open to growing and improving their leadership skills. Are you ready to join their ranks?

The curriculum in Living Visionary Leadership models the mindset, principles and tools of Visionary Leaders throughout history. Leaders who inspired change, started movements and changed their world. By modeling these leaders, we can apply their methods to achieve levels of excellence and mastery reached only by the few. 

Regardless of your current level of leadership ability, if you want to improve your leadership skills, your ability to communicate with and inspire people and move them towards your vision, than this course is for you. Come join us and see what it's like to inspire confidence in others and start a movement of your making. Like all Frontier Trainings courses, it is fast, to the point and is based on application, feedback and Action Steps for rapid implementation once the training is over.

This path is not easy. It is for those with courage, fortitude and the resilience to persevere in the face of overwhelming odds. This course is about living, breathing and owning leadership at the core of who you are.

So come step up, speak up and lead by example as you experience “Living Visionary Leadership” and gather skills that will not only be learned, but experienced and ready to take out into your life.

Clinton Swaine Founder – Frontier Trainings


Key Concepts:

Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 6.41.38 PM


Leadership is both born and made. Some people gravitate towards leadership willingly while others are thrust into positions that demand it. Visionary Leadership is something very different. No-one ever becomes a Visionary Leader by accident or coincidence. A visionary is one who is internally driven and a leader is one who moves towards fulfilling that vision with the support of others; sometimes in small numbers and others like Gandhi moving nations to give India self-rule.

The ability to inspire others toward your vision is critical if you are starting out small or unknown. An inspiring vision should be one that excites your followers every day and gets them moving into action. Something that moves them through the trials and challenges and pushes them to complete a task because they are in complete alignment with your vision.


A championship team is a ‘star team' VS. a ‘team of stars'. This means each member is fully enrolled into the vision and has a sense of shared ownership for the results they create even when the leader is not present. It is the leader's job to cultivate an environment where team members feel safe in expressing valuable ideas, giving constructive feedback and productively resolving conflict with one another.

A Visionary Leader understands the strengths and weaknesses of their team and knows which hats each should wear and which hats to keep them far away from. They are able to trust their team to accomplish a task when it is delegated so the leader can do what they do best. A Visionary Leader has a responsibility to the team to develop each member to their fullest potential.


There is no single ‘right’ style of leadership. Team dynamics, the task at hand and many other factors determine the style one should use. There are MANY leadership style options one can choose from based on their situation. In Living Visionary Leadership, we will discuss an array of leadership styles such as what differentiates a ‘Transactional’ leader from a ‘Transformational’, ‘Strategic’ or ‘Facilitative’ leader and so on.

There are also many sources from whence one can devise their leadership. It may be from years of expertise, their position of authority, their popularity and charisma, their track record or simply their character. A flexible leader understands these sources so that they can understand why their team respects them or what sources they need to pull from to gain the necessary respect.


Many of history’s greatest leaders, were also the greatest students of history. Julius Caesar studied Alexander the Great, Napoleon Bonaparte studied both Caesar and Alexander and General George Patton studied each of the aforementioned leaders.

In this course we follow suit and study Visionary Leaders; Gandhi, MLK Jr, Patton, Marshall, Walton, Watson Jr, Churchill, Queen Elizabeth I, Mary Kay Ash and others who had a vision and spent their lives focusing on accomplishing it. There were huge setbacks, physical danger, exhaustion and a need for energy and vitality every day to accomplish the impossible. We will take a deep look at each and distill lessons from both their trials and triumphs.


A key aspect of being a truly ‘Visionary Leader’ is the desire to leave a legacy and create something that is bigger and longer lasting than the leader. This is where a Leadership Pipeline is necessary. A Leadership Pipeline is a system of backup leaders who are readily available to take up your position when you cannot, or choose not to, be present.

Building a Leadership Pipeline demands excellence of those being groomed and requires the leader to release their ego and attachment to being the only one who can accomplish their job. In most cases, as the founder of an organization, there will be no one who loves it quite as much as you do, this is why you must keep your pipeline inspired to perform at the level you yourself would by instilling that sense of shared ownership over the organization’s results.


One of the most important elements taught in the courses is the ability to respond to crisis when they occur. It is not a matter of when, it is just a matter of time. A crisis is a breakdown in a system. 94% of breakdowns are system where as only 6% are actually people. We rate the level of ‘Events' on a scale of 1-6 with one being inconsequential through to 6 which is unrecoverable.

An example using a sailing metaphor would be

  1. Inconsequential – Someone spills the ketchup in the galley

  2. Minor – The lights do not work during the day

  3. Serious – Someone breaks the Radio

  4. Major – Man Overboard

  5. Catastrophic – Boom breaks in a storm

  6. Unrecoverable – Boat capsizes and starts going under