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Speaker Certification Series

If you’re a speaker who wants to leave a lasting impact on your students, Our Speaker Certification Series is for you. We can say with full confidence that is really is like no other speaker training out there.

PODIUM_FEMALEIt’s easy to get up on stage, share some content, show a few PowerPoint slides and get off… but what impact does that really leave? Sure, your students will get some great information, but our goal is to get them into action and most importantly – application! If you want them to actually take action when they leave, they need more. That’s where we come in.

We teach you to BE the communication. To get up on stage with a powerful stage presence that will draw people to you. To engage and interact with your audience and keep them enrolled throughout your entire presentation.

When attending these programs, you won’t spend the majority of your time taking notes or watching a presenter tell you how to speak, you’ll get the chance to repeatedly present on stage, drilling various aspects of a skill – while being coached and receiving detailed, constructive feedback so you can get even better results when you apply the skill in your presentation. This style of learning is the fastest way to grow your skills and sharpen your awareness of how you’re presenting on stage. You’ll be astounded at the new level of distinction you see when watching other speakers.

Speaker Certification Series
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