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Affiliate Benefits & Terms


When you refer someone to Frontier you will be designated as the affiliate and be eligible for compensation. You will only accrue commissions on new Participants—i.e., those who are not already in Frontier Trainings’ database already at the time of their registration. This includes the case in which the same person registers under a different email address and/or other contact details than before.

When an Affiliate refers a Participant who purchases a Frontier Trainings training, that Affiliate will be credited for that and all subsequent purchases made by that Participant as long as the Participant specifies the Affiliate's name upon his/her initial registration.

When two or more Affiliates promote Frontier Trainings to a single Participant, the first Affiliate to get the Participant to register for the training with his/her name as the referrer will receive commissions for the referral.

Affiliates will not be permitted to specify themselves as the referrer when registering for trainings in order to receive commissions on themselves. An affiliate will only receive commission on the head of the household who signs up. Other family members receive their 50% family discount.  If an affiliate wishes to get the family discount for personal family members then they forgo the affiliate commission on those family members.

Frontier Trainings will apply every effort to keep its website current and operational. However, technical difficulties may arise from time to time, resulting in temporary service interruptions. Frontier Trainings will not be held responsible for such interruptions and any subsequent loss of Affiliate commissions.

The Affiliate is responsible for maintaining a current e-mail address via the Affiliate website or by emailing Frontier Trainings at Frontier Trainings will not be responsible for e-mail communications not received by Affiliates nor for those not received by Frontier Trainings.

Frontier Trainings reserves the right to disallow any given person or company into the Affiliate Program, at its sole discretion. Frontier Trainings reserves the right to terminate this Agreement at any time, at its sole discretion.


All Affiliates must conduct themselves with integrity at all times when promoting Frontier Trainings programs. Frontier Trainings reserves the right to revoke Affiliate status at any time should it ever consider the Affiliate to have abused the integrity of Frontier Trainings or anyone or any entity it represents.

The Affiliate will limit its marketing and promotional materials to those supplied or purchased from Frontier Trainings. All materials supplied by Frontier Trainings are copyright protected and cannot be duplicated without express written permission from Frontier Trainings. Anything created outside of these materials must be approved by Frontier Trainings prior to use. This includes, but is not limited to newspaper ads, newsletters, e-mail promotions, banner ads and audio/video media.

To be sure an Affiliate's referrals are tracked effectively; referrals must click on the Affiliate’s web link exactly as provided by Frontier Trainings. Frontier Trainings is not responsible for human error or technical difficulties that occur when a person is registering while using the Affiliate’s link. We shall not be liable to you for failure by you to properly use the Affiliate website link, even if such failure results in the reduction of referral fees due to you under this Agreement.


Affiliates who refer Participants to any of Frontier Trainings’ trainings immediately qualify for 10% Commissions when the Participants they refer purchase any Frontier Trainings' training(s).

Commissions on paid-in-full trainings will be credited within 45 business days of funds clearing into Frontier Trainings’ bank account(s). Commissions on trainings purchased on a payment plan will be credited every six months based on the amount paid to date and will only be disbursed when the total accrued commission amount is equal to or in excess of U.S. $100. If it is less than this, it will simply carry over into the next six month period.

Should the Participant cancel his/her training or the training costs are refunded for any reason, no Commissions will be credited for that training.

Commissions will be first applied to any existing balance owed on Frontier programs. Any additional credit accrued can be applied to Frontier Trainings' courses/memberships at the current market rate, or it may be gifted as either credit towards a members balance or as payment towards a Frontier course/membership. Members receiving a credit gift from another fully paid member are required to maintain their agreed payment schedule.


Frontier Trainings reserves the right to change any part of this Agreement at any time. The Affiliate will be notified by email about any material changes to this Agreement at which time the Affiliate may withdraw within two calendar weeks of receiving such notice. Withdrawal must be received in writing by Frontier Trainings. The previous Agreement will be in force until such notice is received.

The Affiliate agrees to abide by the Frontier Trainings Anti-Spam Policy.

In entering into this Agreement, the Affiliate in no way becomes a partner, agent, representative or employee of Frontier Trainings and may not represent himself as such. All claimed affiliations to Frontier Trainings must be first authorised in writing by Frontier Trainings before such claims can be made publicly. If there is an expiry date on any such agreement, written authorisation must once again be obtained after it has expired.

Participation in the Affiliate program is de-facto proof of the Affiliate's acceptance of the Affiliate Agreement in its entirety.

This Agreement supersedes any previous online, written or verbal agreements and the terms of this Agreement will take precedence over any previous agreements unless a written agreement between Frontier Trainings and that Affiliate is signed by the Founder or an authorised representative of Frontier Trainings.