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AGE: August 25th, 1044 (Aged 51)

BORN: Charting, Plantasia

KINGDOM: Kingdom of Plantasia

FRONTIER: Lords of Plantasia (Play To Win, Business Empire)

FAMILY: Wife (Queen Krystallina – Deceased)

Daughter (Crown Princess Desire Teadora Eruviel Lyantra)

Son (Prince Kenneth Albaron Nathaniel)


King William of Plantasia has ruled for twenty two years since the death of this father Willard III who died after a horse riding accident. His reign has been one of peace and prosperity for everyone in the kingdom. He has continued a philosophy of abundance and self sufficiency and has taken the kingdom to new areas of expansion and wealth. He was introduced to Clinton and Frontier at a Monarchs convention where Monarchs of the world get together to discuss issues arising from ruling over large realms. During the convention Clinton asked a number of Monarchs to become faculty at Frontier. He and his daughter Princess Desire have been active members of the Faculty ever since.


During the Great Solar Eclipse the Great Warrior Perathon took the throne and crowned himself Emperor after finally suppressing the far reaches of the Adelian Empire. He renamed the calendar after himself declaring the calendar starting with the year of his crowning. His reign was bloody and suppressive. The slave trade flourished as captives from far lands poured into the capital of Adelius. Over a million people lived and operated around the capital. Any resistance was brutally put down and the rights and powers of women were stripped away.

The next 20 years of his reign saw domination, cruelty and the destruction of much of the institutions of learning. Sacred books were burned as being irrelevant, sacred temples and places of worship defiled as the emperor let his leaders and supporters build wealth over the needs of the population. His family grew as he took on more wives from distant lands and he sired over 60 children. In 20 AE he caught a cold which rapidly deteriorated into pneumonia and within a week he was dead. The Empire went into Chaos with murders, bloodshed, riots as different family members jockeyed for positions on the throne. The Chaos lasted for three years and was known as the Years of the Bloody Knives as leaders came and fell and came and fell with no one able to seize control and maintain it for any length of time.

Finally Larristan the Cruel was able to seize power and with ruthless authority he eliminated his family rivals until he alone was left to sit on the Adelian Throne. His reign made Perathon look benevolent. He seized properties of the rich, he brutally tortured anyone who got in his way, his decadent, opulent, self-indulgent lifestyle

The Young Prince William grew up in a realm where his grandfather the Great King Willis had created permanent peace treaties with his neighbors allowing all military focus to be turned into economic prosperity. Prior to his rulership, the Kingdom of Plantasia was constantly embroiled into wars and conflicts with its neighbors. As the neighboring leaders saw the rapid growth of his realm, one after another decided to be annexed by Plantasia. Over the course of sixteen years all twenty four neighboring principalities became protectorates under the King. The Kingdom grew and flourished as Great Cities spring up where previously there had only been Towns and Villages

The Great City of Charting grew to a population of 380,000 with other Cities such as Perte and Gantt growing rapidly as the Lords began to focus on expansion. In 1043 King Willis had created the Lords House where the Lord’s were able to gather together to discuss political, social and economic issues.

King Willis’s family had grown with the birth of the Crown Prince Willard and his four other sisters. Her Royal Highnesses Devine, Petania, Arelia and Ariadne. By the time of his death the Lord’s House had expanded to 42 members and the 33 year old Crown Prince had grown into a strong, powerful and well respected leader in his own right. His young grandchild Prince William had been able to watch his grandfather rule with benevolence and be fair and firm with all of his subjects.

The now King Willard III had been groomed for leadership and seamlessly took over the Kingdom. Taxes were lowered further, production incentives added for his Lords and Ladies and he was able to expand the realm of Plantasia even faster. He watched with pride as the Lord’s House grew to 86 members. He was returning from the Lord’s Convention in 1073 when he decided to ride ahead of the procession with Prince William to share some information in confidence. As they were galloping through the forests a fox raced across the track, startling the King’s horse and throwing him off. He landed and broke his neck. For an hour Prince William cradled his father as he slowly slipped away.

It was a bittersweet day for King William when he was crowned King of Plantasia in a ceremony a week later. His expectations of being King, shattered by the loss of his father he followed the same benevolence he had seen his grandfather and father rule by. With the support of the Lords it took four months for the new king to take complete leadership and for the transition to be truly complete.

It was when he met his true love Cyrillia that his heart found joy once again. Cyrillia of Gattenbrook was the daughter of the Great Lord Kelryn of Gattenbrook. Although there was a ten year age difference it was apparent that true love had taken them both. They were married late in 1073. The Crown Prince was born nine months later and Princess Desire twelve months later.

The Royal Brood as the King called the children were both full of energy but also taught manners befitting a future King and possibly Queen. The next five years were the happiest in the King’s life as he watched the Prince and Princess, play, discover and learn. When Queen Cyrillia came down with a mysterious illness, the King became gravely concerned. Nothing seemed to be able to heal the Queen. Mystics, Healers and Doctors came from all over the realm and each day she seemed to slip in and out of a semi-lucid state. For six months the King held her head each night praying. It was April 19th that she finally slipped away. The saddest day in King William’s life.

From that time on, King William spent time grooming his children for leadership, never knowing when his time would come and making sure that there was a line of succession to make sure that Plantasia would grow and expand for generations to come.

ARGOLAY grew up watching his father and his fellow knights train with swords. On his fifth birthday his father gave him five wooden swords. He trained non stop. He had soon beaten all his friends, all the older children and by aged 8 had defeated nearly all his fathers Knights. Tall for his age and incredibly agile he used two swords unlike the traditional sword and shield. His offence became his defense as well. By 9 he had defeated his father and by 10 all sword instructors he came across were defeated. Knighted at 12 he jousted but his love was swords. He trained eight hours a day. He offered sums of money to any who could beat him. None could. He kept growing and getting stronger. He . chop a tree one foot in diameter with one blow. He then offered for teams to fight him and even at 20 to one he still defeated them all. He trained archers to shoot at him and he chopped all arrows to kindling in front of him. Eventually he trained 40 crack archers to fire at him and still none could hit him. Pupils from across the world came to learn but he was reserved and took few. He was killed by poison by a student named Mashen he turned away for being unworthy of mastering the sword. When others found out Mashen was stabbed 142 times by an angry mob.

MORATIUS grew up a happy, playful boy. His parents called him Mory and taught him the value of honor, honesty and truth. He used to play with his best friend Selbin and go out into the forest. Mory prayed with his parents morning and night and the family sought devotion as the highest purpose. One trip, Selbin climbed a tall tree and fell breaking his back and both arms. He lay screaming. Mory rushed over and lay his hands on him and prayed. He felt his hands get warm and felt a surge of energy pour through him as Selbin was engulfed in light. After three minutes Selbin was able to get up and they walked home. Over the years Mory prayed and honed his skills. And he was knighted as was expected but soon found his opponents out of respect withdrew every bout and after winning two tournaments he ceased to compete and simply healed those hurt in battle and taught others to heal. His school The Hands of Devotion still teaches his divine mission.

KELDOR was a child who loved to dream. He dreamed of weird devices, strange objects and unusual creations. His father was a carpenter and let him play in his workshop. He started listening to some of the challenges the townsfolk were saying. They couldn't raise the town bell up into the tower. He created a lift. Solved. Town needed to move a huge boulder in the middle of a construction site. Solved. They needed to plough the fields twice as fast due to to much rain. Solved. By 9 he had become a celebrity. By 12 he was famous across the Country. When a royal carriage broke through a bridge losing its royal Jewels into the river. He was able to create a device to recover every single gem and coin with three days. For the rest of his life he created. He charged a flat fee regardless of the complexity and never moved out of his fathers home. He died at age 55 creating a new device he called the Geddenesta. No one knows what is was to this day.

Interviewer: Your Majesty thank you for sharing your time. What is secret of Plantasia’s Success?

King William: I believe that through hard work, team work, leadership, and celebration we can all succeed beyond our wildest dreams and live a great life. Also those who are willing to aspire to leadership with all the pressure and responsibility that come with it, will benefit according to the level they are willing to step up to.

Interviewer: Your Majesty, with respect some have accused you of being domineering and ruthless. Can you explain your methodology?

King William: (Laughing!!) I remember this accusation when it came up vividly. The subject who accused me of this was one of the last selected, did not show up as a leader at all and was a very poor contributor to her realm. I realized that to a common person, the level of excellence I demand is over and above their comprehension to deliver. As a result it seems domineering to expect so much. To the leaders in the room, who were asked did they feel I was ruthless or domineering not one said yes even those that lost their crown! Asked whether they felt I was pushing them to their greatness there was a unanimous agreement. This is when I realized that high performers like to be pushed. High performers like to be asked more than they believe they can deliver. High performers want to be raised to greatness and see intense perturbation as supporting rather than hindering performance.

Interviewer: Your Majesty, you have two amazing children. What do you see for them?

King William: Crown Princess Desire is a delight at court, her youthfulness is energizing, yet she is wise beyond her 20 years. She speaks regularly for Frontier and even though she is not the monarch yet she speaks with such authority that she teaches the Majesty section for their courses. Both Prince Kenny and Princess Desire have such bright futures I know that Plantasia is secure under their reign. Prince Kenny is ready to take over the throne should any unforeseen circumstances happen. He is an ambassador for Plantasia and is rarely at court nowadays as he is often visiting the nobles and seeking to support their growth.

Interviewer: Your Majesty, one of the greatest principles you talk about is building a championship team. Can you share more about that?

King William: Yes. A King is only as effective as his court. A Lord is only as effective as his leaders within the realm. It is important when building a team you look for loyalty and attitude first. Skills can be attained but poor attitude can poison even the most prosperous realm as complacency. First aim is to remove the wrong people from your realm. It is very hard to attract the right people into a environment with the wrong people. Once you have the right subjects in your realm make sure they are all in the right positions and then train them and reward them for their excellent performance.

Interviewer: Your Majesty, another key principle you insist is followed is ‘Get It In Writing’. Can you share more about that?

King William: Yes. My father was once working with a new lord, Lord Darion Seption and while riding he made an agreement to provide him with fifteen horses and four wagons of grain. Lord Darion however said the King promised him fifty horses and forty wagons of grain and when it was dispersed to him by the King’s Court in good faith a dispute was raised about accuracy. It was at that point the King realized that the dullest ink is better then the sharpest mind when to comes to future interpretation.

Interviewer: Your Majesty, do you have any final words that would be critical to new Lords or Ladies in Plantasia?

King William: Yes I have a couple. First and foremost you have earned a crown for a reason Fight for the crown. Stand up for yourself. If you have grounds to stand on then stand on them. Look for the lessons and know how they are going to benefit you. Take Responsibility for your actions. Blaming others reduces your power and diminishes you in my eyes. Celebrate all your successes. Teams that celebrate together, thrive together. Delegate, Manage, Followup. Commit big. Declare Bigger. Finally and most important. Deliver!!!

Interviewer: Your Majesty, Thank you so much for your time. It has been an honor.

King William: It is my pleasure.


  • I am a wise and benevolent ruler
  • I have beautiful children who will one day rule Plantasia wisely.
  • I expect people to meeting their commitments
  • Success is about getting it done


The Role of King William is one of the most important roles in Frontier. He represents success in life. Making a big commitment and then working diligently to make it happen. He is powerful, direct and compassionate. He moves and speaks with the elegance of Monarchy. He loves to celebrate successes with his Lords and Ladies. In this beginning of the course, he needs to start powerfully. In the first couple of rounds he can be powerful yet supportive but by round three he needs to be holding people to a higher level of accountability.


AGE: 20

BORN: Charting, Plantasia

KINGDOM: Kingdom of Plantasia


Lords of Plantasia (Play To Win, Business Empire)

Ease and Grace (TransBeing)

FAMILY: Father (King William Plantohavitall)

Brother (Prince Kenneth)

The Crown Princess was born in 1075 to the absolute joy of both families. The Gattenbrook family cemented direct lineage with the Crown and the King and Queen got a beautiful daughter. For over 200 years men had ruled Plantasia but prior to that absolute primogeniture was in place and the great ruler Queen Lyantra the Great had ruled Plantasia for 38 years and brought much peace amongst the turbulent kingdoms.

Crown Princess Desire Teadora Eruviel Lyantra Plantohavitall of Plantasia is a big name for a little girl to fill. But then again this is not any little girl. Her parents lovingly called her Tea (pronounced Tay-Ah) after the great Warrior Princess in the private of the court as she proved to be a great bundle of energy. When her brother Prince Kenny came along, she doted upon him but couldn’t wait for him to grow up so they could have adventures together. At aged five she was on her mighty wooden warhorse like her namesake Teadora and yet at other times she and some of the other young girls at court would dress up in the most beautiful little princess gowns like her namesake Eruviel considered by most in the Kingdom to be the fairest woman who ever lived.

Her mother and father used to watch them both play and they would regularly go riding together (both children were very quick to master the horse) and by aged four they could both ride a full size horse at gallop (with a modified saddle). They loved going to the Great Norwood Waterfall and have a picnic overlooking their majestic beauty. The family was loving, powerful, strong and loved by all of Plantasia. Her image was sold all around the realm and many children were given her first name as a sign of respect. Princess Desire was given full access to the throne room and would often sit upon her father’s lap while he held court.

The family was at the Waterfall laughing day when the Queen requested a fan as she was feeling extremely hot. An odd request since it was still early in the morning and a little crisp in the air for those not moving. A fan was brought but within an hour something seemed wrong. Dripping with sweat but appearing chilled and shaking they packed up and went home. It was at this time it was announced the Queen was pregnant and all prayed for her safety. The church bells rang and across the Kingdom people prayed for her safety and that of the future prince. For six months the Crown Princess would sit beside her mother assisting to nurse her, get water and be there in the role of caregiver. She would often lay beside her mother until she fell asleep while her father cradled her rocking her to a deep sleep.

April 17th news rang out of the birth of a new Prince of Plantasia across the Kingdom but the joy was to be short lived. Within two days the Queen took her final breathe as the disease ravaging her body was exhausted from childbirth. She died in the arms of the King, with the Princess holding one hand and the Prince holding the other. The Young Prince was incredibly ill and not expected to live. The family poured love into the child which seemed to prolong and assist in fighting whatever had laid siege to his body but alas even with the best medical help it was not to be. Willis IV passed away fourteen days after his mother.

Protocol dictated the Royal Family all wear black for a year for the loss of the Queen and thus the Princess spent a lot of time soul searching. Some of the joy of living went out of the Princess that day. She stopped many of the activities that gave her the most joy and focused on learning rulership realizing that at any time she may be requested to become Queen of Plantasia. She studied rigorous court etiquette and protocol, negotiation, law making and civil governance. She went on a number of tours around the Kingdom escorted by the most trusted Lords and Ladies of the Kings Court. By all accounts she was the most gracious of Young Princesses and established a new level of Court rigor all across Plantasia. Tens of thousands of young girls saw the Princess and suddenly changed behavior and modelled the Princess.

The King held nothing back from both his Children. He doted upon them. He was both stern in the face of breaches or oversights and loving whenever possible. She grew into a powerful, kind, connected princess. She and the King attended a Monarchs meeting where Monarchs throughout time could gather and share ideas and insights. A gentlemen appeared named Clinton who invited them to come and teach about the powers of rulership and leadership. Both agreed to share and educate and found this magical new world fascinating. Princess Desire even though technically not yet a Monarch offered to teach the section called Majesty in a course run by Clinton and received incredible moral support in that role from the other Monarchs who were part of Frontier.


Teadora was a great female warrior. She was a great archer and was mighty with a sword. Standing only 5 foot six she appeared six foot six or more. She fought in many great battles and was also was always in the thickest of fighting. In the great battle of Leutrian Forest she recorded to have killed 83 of the forest people including the King and the Prince of Leuthia who had been raiding the towns and village of Plantasia for decades.

She was said to have no fear and did a number of missions that many men refused to do. At one point she was given the names of the seven greatest enemies of the Kingdom and she and her band of adventurers went out to hunt them down. She returned having personally slain all seven, freeing the Kingdom of its greatest tyranny for fifty years.


Eluviel grew up a beautiful young girl. Everywhere she went men’s jaws dropped, boys hid their heads to avoid catching her glance and girls all over modelled her every look, hairstyle and thing she chose to do. By the time she was 18 she was so radiant that people said they could feel a glow of warmth around her 20 feet or more. Finally one young man had the courage to ask her hand in marriage. His name was Prince Pelanar. A great and strong warrior and destined to be inherit the throne of Phaestos. They were betrothed and the night before their wedding, the Kingdom was attacked by a group of Shadow Warrior from the neighboring Kingdom of Shino. While she survived both the King and the Prince were brutally stabbed in the back and had their throat cuts. Without a moments notice the shadow warriors were gone leaving the Kingdom to attempt to return to stability. It took six months before a new King was on the throne and stability returned but her love never faded for her beloved prince. Each night she would stand at the top of her battlements waiting for her Prince to return. Her image of the lone princess, the most beautiful in the world, awaiting her love became an icon of commitment and devotion.


Queen Lyantra had inherited the throne from her father known as Phideas the Unwilling. Her father had not wanted to rule and had retreated into the church and begun a period of seclusion and spiritual discipline. Without a strong ruler, the Kingdom began to fall apart. Finally she could watch no longer. Getting him to abdicate she took over the throne and began to get everything back in order. Eliminating corruption, empowering the merchants, putting controls on the military she gradually turned the Kingdom around. She built strong alliances inside of Plantasia and with the last remaining neighbors that in the future would allow also be merged into Greater Plantasia. She ruled for 38 years as a strong, benevolent and disciplined ruler.


  • I am blessed to be a Princess of Plantasia
  • I have a wise and loving father
  • I have big shoes to fill as a leader of Plantasia
  • I have an incredible powerful brother
  • The Lords and Ladies of Plantasia are brilliant and talented.


The Role of Princess Desire is one of responsibility, grace, elegance and poise. While she is only 20 years old she is in effect the defacto Queen of Plantasia. She often represents the King at functions in various parts of the Kingdom. She is expected to become the Queen upon the death of her father. There is a level of suppression of emption especially around her mother where she had to grow up too fast and she lost a certain amount of the joy of being a young girl. She wants to be compassionate with the Lords and Ladies but also knows her father is expecting her to maintain the rigorous standards that he created. She can laugh and smile but everything is always done with grace and poise, how she moves, how she talks. When with her father she is very deferential to him while equally exerting her desire to be seen as a leader.


AGE: 19

BORN: Charting, Plantasia

KINGDOM: Kingdom of Plantasia

FRONTIER: Lords of Plantasia (Play To Win, Business Empire)


Father (King William Plantohavitall)

Sister (Crown Prince Desire)

The Prince was born in 1076 to the reigning King and Queen of Plantasia. He was named after Prince Albaron the Greatest Knight of his Age and Nathaniel, a Healer and Mystic, his birth was at a time of great celebration. The King has taken the throne only three years earlier and met the future Queen a year later and married her. His elder sister Princess Desire had been born just over a year earlier. When he turned four, the family had been out riding and picnicking at the Great Norwood Waterfall, a favorite of the family and his father fell sick. His memory was vague of the event but over the next six months he remembers sitting beside his mother a lot in bed and holding here hand. His father the King would often fall asleep cradling his mother. Six months later his mother gave birth to his younger brother Prince Willis but the joy soon turned to sorrow as his father explained his mother had passed on. It became even worse two weeks later when his baby brother also passed away. For the next year the family wore black in mourning for the beloved Queen and young prince.

After the year of mourning, both the Crown Princess Desire and Prince Kenny were started being groomed to rule. While the Crown Princess was first in line to the throne, both children were treated equally in regards to training for rulership.

The Prince grew up to be a strong, healthy young man. He was taught sword fighting, poleaxe and jousting and following in his father’s footsteps he applied to join the Order the Sacred Lance. The Order was only open to those members of families that showed upstanding chivalraic principles. It was open to all ranks whether Knights, Lords, Dukes, Princes or Kings. Membership.

The Prince and the Princess both often travel to different areas of the Kingdom of Plantasia on behalf of the King to perform Royal functions. The King has enormous trust in both of his children. And while Princess Desire is assumed to take over the throne. The Prince has been seen with a number of eligible young women but none have yet caught his true heart’s desire.


In 885, Prince Albaron was the heir of the Kingdom of Wyvenscrest but instead of inheriting the throne, he chose to merge the throne into Greater Plantasia. He was known as the Sapphire Knight for his famous blue armor that reflected in the sunlight on the battlefield like a jewel. He was simply unbeatable. For thirty years none could best him at sword, poleax or joust. He kept up a brutal fitness regimen that men twenty years his younger could not even dream of. Built like an ox with the agility of gymnast. His crest of a Wyvern atop the crest of a green hill with a light blue background was seen drawn on clothes by young children attempting to emulate his incredible prowess with their friends. It was not unusual for all four children in a fight to argue over who was the real sapphire knight. He retired as the only knight undefeated.


In 820 Nathaniel was born into the noble family of Larinberg. Few would know the importance of this child in years to come. Born into a minor noble family, at age 30 he gave away his inheritance to go and find peace in the Dirgan Mountains. Within a number of years people were returning from the mountains and began sharing some of his ideas and thoughts and published books. Within ten years, Lords and Ladies would make the trek to go and sit with him. Some would sit with him for two days and he would say no words and yet their problems would be solved. For others he simply asked a question and left them spinning in ideas and thoughts and others he would listen as they poured out their pain and hurt. For over 54 years Nathaniel the Wise shared, counselled, guided, taught and discussed with King and Commoner in his mountain hideaway in Plantasia. He refused gifts, tributes and support and preferred to live his ascetic lifestyle. He passed away at age 84 in his sleep after simply making a decision that he was ready to move on and had instructed his three disciples around him that it would happen that night two hours after the sun had set. And it was so.


  • I have an amazing father and hope I can live up to his expectations
  • I commit to becoming a great Knight like my father
  • My Sister is amazing and Plantasia is blessed to have her as the future Queen


Prince Kenny was in the shadows of his older sister for many years. It was not until recently when he took the join the ‘Order of the Sacred Lance’ following in his father’s footsteps did he start to fall into his own sense of power and confidence. Kenny is now confident, strong and willing to ask questions of his father in public where in the past he would not have felt comfortable. He is also now taking more and more responsibility at court and often sits beside the King when is not competing in Jousting Competitions.


AGE: 38

BORN: Bridgestone Castle

FAMILY: Father (Praster Nubridge, 13th Lord of Sandenstone)

The great family line of Nubridge goes back at least at least 20 generations to the famous stonemasons and builders who built many of the finest brick and stone bridges and monuments of the era leading to Parsiman Nubridge who was to become First Lord of Sandnstone. He was the designer and builder of Kerrick Castle and the Larendown Palace. Both still in use as Royal Residences this day.
As each generation of Nubridge came they brought with them innovative ideas in design and construction. Periman Nubridge , 11th Lord of Sandenstone was raised up up to join the Council of Ministers of the King to coordinate all construction across the land. With initially 12500 workers under his control, the number grew to over 40,000 workers reporting to the Minister of State. He commanded a heavy presence in the Kingdom. For great service to the Monarchy the King made the position hereditary. The current 14th Lord of Sandenstone Percival Nubridge brings to the role a love of artistic design and a ruthless attention to detail. He will never sacrifice quality for speed.
Percival (never Percy, a name only the King and Princess call him) is married to Lady Larissa Nubridge and together they have six children. Parthian. 12. Portia. 10. Juliana 8. Phiteas 7. Philia 4. and Valura. 2 Two boys and four beautiful daughters.
He is a lover of horses. He has a fine breeding stable of over 220 fine horses of all breeds. He owns the magnificent Bridgestone Castle although with duties at court being so demanding he is more often in private quarters near the King.
He spends much time with his younger sister 14 years his junior Persephone, who is of age to marry as he knows they will not be this close in the future. The future is bright indeed for Lord Sandenstone.


AGE: 24

BORN: Bridgestone Castle

FAMILY: Father (Praster Nubridge, 13th Lord of Sandenstone)

Lady Persephone is the sister of Percival Nubridge. As a member of the Nubridge family she has been around construction her entire life. She loved watching her father and brother supervise projects as a little girl and at first chance she got involved in the family business. She was an incredibly designer and known for the majesty and spaciousness of her designs. Her bridges were functional yet a work of Art. 14 years younger than Percival, she watched him grow up, get married and start a family.
While Persephone insisted she get to go out to where the building was happening, her mother made sure she was taught all arts of being a Lady. Young, beautiful and a great dancer she is expected at some time to be swept off her feet by a charming Lord. With her beautiful pink Trebourne Manor gifted to her by the Princess for services and her favorite horse ‘Flitter' she lives a life that most girls could only dream of.


AGE: 38

BORN: Bridgestone Castle

FAMILY: Father (Praster Nubridge, 13th Lord of Sandenstone)

The great family line of Nubridge goes back at least at least 20 generations to the famous stonemasons and builders who built many of the finest brick and stone bridges and monuments