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Bobbie-Sue Numbawon

Bobbie-Sue GOLD-Trials & Tribs of an Olympic Gymnast
“Welcome to my Internet TV Show, hosted on Bobbie-Sue Television (BSTV). This show is going to track my race to the Gold in the London Olympics in 2012 for womens gymnastics. It is a lot of work AND I am up to the challenge. I look forward to connecting more and receiving feedback as ‘Feedback is the breakfast of CHAMPIONS'. ((HUGS))”
Bobbie-Sue Numbawon

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Bobbie-Sue Numbawon is a faculty member who began teaching for Frontier in Nov 2008. She teaches ‘Love to Cheer' in Ferocious Facilitation and also teaches Cheerleading for the Frontier Heroes Cheer Squad as well as runs the videos in the morning and works with students to improve their overall health.