I Belong – ‘The Family Song’ – Frontier Trainings

I Belong – ‘The Family Song’


In a world where everyone is running for the finish line
Most get left behind
Without the gold
Where’s the silver lining
Is it really there?
Oh, I’ve searched everywhere
I landed here on my home frontier
And it’s so clear…


I belong where I am
And we all understand
There’s a place where you can go
To learn and to grow
Where right might be wrong
And the weak can be strong
And the dream that is you
Is so close to coming true
Just like the melody and words go to this song
I Belong (I Belong)


In the past I was so afraid every door was locked
I guess somehow, I forgot…
I hold the key
To everything in life I ever hoped I’d be
And now it’s clear to me
Why I am here on my home frontier
No Fear


I am an angel, I am a pirate a Soldier saving lives
With what I have learned from all of this
My star will rise…so high


As I look around this room
The bonds so strong…
And I belong