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LIFETIME_MEMBERSHIPAre you looking to sharpen your skills and join the top tier of professionals in your industry?

Are you committed to ongoing personal and professional training and development?

Are you looking for a community of like-minded people to champion you to success?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above, Frontier Trainings is for you. With 24 unique courses, we offer the largest curriculum in the industry. Each course features a wide range of games, processes, exercises and simulations that have been custom built to support business owners, entrepreneurs, investors and speakers to hone their skills in a wide range of areas and grow their businesses. This world-renowned curriculum contains three tracks: Entrepreneurial School of Business, Speaker Certification Track and Greatest U.

Have you ever paid to attend a series of courses which promise community and ongoing support, only to find that once the courses end you’re essentially kicked to the curb to make room for the new lineup of ‘fresh meat’?

That’s how most courses in the industry are and if you’re like us, you’re sick of it.

We do things differently…

Lifetime Membership

BLUE_GLOBEInstead of offering courses primarily on a course by course basis, we offer ‘Lifetime Membership’. Lifetime Membership is exactly what it sounds like. This offers students the chance to be part of a real community with real support, personalized coaching and ongoing development.

As a Lifetime Member, you get unlimited, global access to the entire curriculum of the track you choose. No expiration, no location constraints, no limitations. This even includes courses we add  to our ever growing curriculum over the years.

Constant and never-ending improvement

vectorstock_814145It’s easy to buy into the idea that once you’ve attended a seminar, you’ve ‘been there done that’ and there’s no more for you to learn. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Anyone who has become great at any given skill set will tell you that a major key to their success was repetition.

The experiential nature of our courses makes them multi-layered. This means you can attend the same course and play the same game 3, 5, even 10 times and still get new lessons each time. How? Two games are never the same. Team dynamics, role allocation and game variations all contribute to make it a unique experience with valuable new lessons each time.

You’re a person. Get treated like it.

TRAINER_GROUPToo many trainers treat their student’s as nothing more than their next paycheck or a face in the crowd. You deserve more than that. You deserve the kind of trainer who will get to know you as a person, know your business, know it’s challenges, have a vested interest in your success and work with you as you grow over the years.

That’s what we’re here for. We created this style of membership because that’s what we wanted and after searching the industry for it, we realized we had to create it ourselves.

If you’ve ever made mistakes while running your business, you know that those mistakes can offer profound lessons for business improvement. Unfortunately for many, those mistakes first happen in the ‘real world’ where the consequences can often be all too real and devastatingly costly.

Maximum learning occurs when we are simultaneously challenged and supported. That’s why we created this community and safe place for you to make mistakes – learn from them, train your skills and be celebrated each and every step of the way.

Ever wish you'd known what you know now, when you were a teenager?

vectorstock_287811We believe families should be able to learn and grow together so if you’ve have children under the age of 18, they are automatically included into your membership. You can bring them along and watch in awe as they become more confident, committed, productive and powerful.

We work very hard to make sure we keep a family friendly environment so that they too can have a safe space to learn, grow and expand their abilities to set them up for incredible success.

Entrepreneurial School of Excellence

Global handshakeThe Entrepreneurial School of Excellence is specifically designed for entrepreneurs, business owners and investors to acquire and train skills in the areas of: sales, investing, negotiation, team management, innovation, strategy, system building, crisis management and more.

You won’t learn these spending your time sitting in rows, taking notes and falling asleep… we get you ‘doing’ the material. If you’re like us, you want to use your time effectively and get real-world strategies, tools and techniques that you can leverage immediately when you return to your business.

Each technique and skill is taught in a high pressure, challenging growth environment. Our goal is to make the games parallel real life, being as (or more) challenging. This way, applying them to your business not only seems simple by comparison – but is automatic.

Each game is specifically designed so that it doesn’t matter whether you are a small business owner or a multi-millionaire, you will be find the solutions for your business. By experiencing powerful, in-depth, hands-on business games and simulations, you will not only learn a wide range of business lessons, but rewire your psychology for success.

Greatest U

BRAIN_TECHNOWhen you enter the Entrepreneurial School of Excellence, your membership to ‘Greatest U' is included. Why? We’ve found that if you want your business to be successful, both YOU and the business have to develop at the same rate to support its growth and keep it sustainable.

Greatest U is designed for business professionals who are truly ready to take their lives to the next level in the areas of: performance, goal setting, manifestation, leadership, creativity and more.

In Greatest U, we don't talk transformation, we cultivate it – allowing you to grow and take that growth into real life. The processes in these courses will push you, stretch you and confront your ‘stories' allowing you to face your blocks, break through them and come out on the other side more confident, more powerful and ready to take on your life and make real change in your personal and professional lives.

Speaker Certification Series

If you’re a speaker who wants to leave a lasting impact on your students, Our Speaker Certification Series is for you. We can say with full confidence that is really is like no other speaker training out there.

PODIUM_FEMALEIt’s easy to get up on stage, share some content, show a few PowerPoint slides and get off… but what impact does that really leave? Sure, your students will get some great information, but our goal is to get them into action and most importantly – application! If you want them to actually take action when they leave, they need more. That’s where we come in.

We teach you to BE the communication. To get up on stage with a powerful stage presence that will draw people to you. To engage and interact with your audience and keep them enrolled throughout your entire presentation.

When attending these programs, you won’t spend the majority of your time taking notes or watching a presenter tell you how to speak, you’ll get the chance to repeatedly present on stage, drilling various aspects of a skill – while being coached and receiving detailed, constructive feedback so you can get even better results when you apply the skill in your presentation. This style of learning is the fastest way to grow your skills and sharpen your awareness of how you’re presenting on stage. You’ll be astounded at the new level of distinction you see when watching other speakers.