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Welcome to ‘Triumph'. This is the third CD created by Clinton Swaine and Rick Mathews. It is the culmination of overcoming personal challenges for both of them. Clinton in business and relationships and with Rick and his health. With the type of songs on this CD I cannot think of a more appropriate name for this album. Each song, from the inspirational title track ‘Triumph – In Destiny's Hand', to the trainings songs of ‘Mastery – Rise Above' and ‘Pursuit – Golden Dreams' to the rock songs of Ricky ‘Rockon' Robinson and the fun ‘Pretty – Its a Pretty World' each songs brings a smile to our face as soon as we hear it. So be touched, inspired and filled with joy. Welcome to your Triumph!!

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1. Triumph – In Destiny's Hand

2. Team – We're Number One

3. Pursuit – Golden Dreams

4. Mastery – Rise Above

5. Cheer – Go Heroes

6. Pretty – Its's a Pretty World

7. Hero – Man of My Dreams

8. Femininity – I am the Woman

9. Masculinity – I am the Man

10. Impact – I'm Going To Change the World

11. Daring – Dare To Suck

12. Responsibility – Cut The Crap

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This song was a different creation for Rick and I. It was the title track and yet the last song to be written. We came up with the name half way through the creation of the CD and realized it captured the spirit of what was coming together. Then our graphic designer produced this Cover and we knew we nailed it.

I normally write the lyrics and give them to Rick to put music to. This time he said I have the music for this song already done and you need to come up with lyrics to match. We collaborated and the lyrics came together like magic and this song can bring tears to my eyes especially on those tougher days.


Counting cars by the side of the road

Full of dreams I knew even then

There was something inside

Something was different about me

I could lead my country

Stand up strong

And fulfill any dream

I chose to take on

Still I felt so small

I was ready to escape

and run from it all

Oh. With every block I faced

I kept the faith

I would find a way

A way that I would…


Triumph over hurt

I would Triumph over pain

And Overcome My fear

And Step it up again

I celebrate victory

As I go down in history

My message strong and proud

I shout it out loud

Hear me now

Whoa-oo-ohh I will triumph

As I gave my life

For why I'm here

I could let my heart

Love all I hold dear

I could no longer hide

The greatness I had inside

Ohh, in a flood of tears

I began to feel free

And shed the heartbreak

So I could…


And I know my legacy I will leave

Destiny, it grabbed me by the hand

And I know right at this moment

I can reach up to the stars

Oh. With every block I face

I'll keep the faith

I'll find a way

A way that I will…


I will triumph

I will triumph

I will triumph

Ohh Yeah

I will triumph

(Triumph over hurt)

(Triumph over pain)

I will triumph

(Overcome my fear)

(Step it up again)

I will triumph

(I will find a way)

(I will triumph)

Hear me now

(Triumph over hurt)

(Triumph over pain)

(Overcome my fear)

(Step it up again)


(I will triumph)

(Triumph over hurt)

(Triumph over pain)

(Overcome my fear)

(Step it up again)

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In my training room we look for many songs to provide inspiration. We frequently use ‘Simply the Best' by Tina Turner and ‘We are the Champions' by Queen and as I reflected I had never heard a song about being Number One. So we decided to create that song. This song is a song for a team about pushing through and standing strong and having the supreme confidence that they ARE number one for a reason.


We're Number One

We all pull together

And chase the dream

Working All as one

We are a chmpionship tem

We play hard with heart

We are always having fun

We work hard and celebrate

It's why we're number one


We're Number One

We're Number One

Chasing our dream together

We're Number One

We'll follow the sun

Winning is our theme forever

We're Number One.Yeah!!

Others may quit

When the going gets rough

We just get stronger

Cos we're mentally tough

You can't shake us

Pull us from our game

Every spare second

We constantly train


We live for the challenge

That life has in store

We'll find the answer

And have victory once more

We work united

Each one being strong

Standing invincible

When the game goes long

So when things look bleak

And it is all on the line

You can bet on us

Every single time




Cos We're Number One. Yeah!!

We're Number One. Yeah!!

We're Number One.



One of the biggest areas of growth in my life was when I was creating a number of personalities to teach how to be a facilitator. One of them was a movie director, another was an old time coach and another was a cheerleader. For me to teach this material on stage I needed to become a cheerleader as I had no experience. I enrolled in classes and began learning to tumble. Cartwheels, Roundoffs, Back Handsprings, Back Tucks etc. It was addictive watching the body become so agile.

After a period of time we wrote the profile of the cheerleader who was called ‘Bobbie-Sue Numbawon'. In her profile we wrote that since the age of five she was addicted to cheer, gymnastics and dance. We decided to move into gymnastics; floor routine, beam, bar and vault. Tough. One of the most challenging things I have ever done. As a gymnast there is only one goal and that is Gold at the Olypmics. So we started on that path. And this song is capturing the spirit of Bobbie-Sue as she goes for GOLD!!!


Ooooh. Ooooh. Oooh

Ooooh. Ooooh.

Golden Dreams


I'm going risk

I'm going to be bold

All the way

I'm going for gold

No time to relax

No time to rest

It's the only choice

I could make

For this journey

That I undertake

I face every challenge

And be the best


Going for the gold

I'm going for gold

Faster, higher, strongers my creed

Since that day

I planted the seed

GOLD..and all the world will know

That I did it all

For all that I believe

These Golden Dreams

I face my fears

And blow right through

With gold in mind

I'm going train and train

And train all day

I'll wake up early

Get out the door

I'll train and train

Then train some more

I will improve

In every way


Golden Dreams. Oo-Ooh

Golden Dreams

I fall down

As I push my limit

But get back up

And get back to it

The blood, sweat and pain

Are a small cost to pay

There is only one

Against who I compete

As I look in the mirror

I can face defeat

and if I do there is

No one else to blame

Or I can be strong

And look right back

Train even harder

And stay on track

When the day arrives

That I compete

Perfect result

In every way

I'll get my gold

At the end of the day

The training pays off

My performance complete


These Golden Dreams

We all got our dreams

Oh Yeah.. (Golden Dreams)

Well I know that there

Is someone Training hard

All over the world

They come from near and far

And know where they are going

They're aiming for the stars

And I know theres a girl

Named Bobbie-Sue

Going to make

All her golden dreams come true

In a London Town in 2-0-1-2

(Golden Dreams)

I remember growing up watching a video of Michael Jordan reflecting back before he won his first championship and the struggles his team took to find themselves as the Masters of the NBA. On the video was a song called ‘Learning to Fly' by Tom Petty. I LOVE this song and when I wanted a song about training I pulled inspiration from here, however not all the lyrics in his song made sense to me so when I wrote it I made it clear about the pain and hurt that it takes to be a champion.
The result was this incredible, stirring and inspiring song about what it takes to be a Master at anything.


As they stand back in awe

They never saw the pain

The thousands of hours

That I took to train

All the hours alone

Refining my skills

While the others parties

Having cheap thrills


Mastery..My choice is mastery

In life I define

How great I will be

I'll rise above

And they all will see

Again and again

I practice non-stop

Never going to quit

Till I reach the top

I wouldn't trade a minute

Of the hurt and heartbreak

That allows me to soar

And to be first rate


Mastery. From deep inside of me

With passion and love

I'll train each day

I will improve

In every single way

Methods in my goal

To stand out from the rest

For Mastery in my field

To become the very best

I dream of excellence

Perfection I pursue

As a master I am true

Ooh. Aah. Ooh. Aah.

I make it look effortless

Like a natural art

What they don't see

Is my tireless heart


Mastery. From deep inside of me

With passion and love

I'll train each day

I will improve

In every single way


Mastery. From deep inside of me

With passion and love

I'll train each day

I will improve

In every single way



As mentioned earlier one of my ‘faculty' members who teaches at Frontier Trainings is the cheerleader ‘Bobbie-Sue' and after watching all the ‘Bring It On' movies she wanted to have her team cheer recorded. The one on Bring It On is not really inspiring and so We put her song together and finally when it was recorded it was sensational. We love this song and we are so looking forward to when we complete the video of this song and have a complete dance troupe do a Cheer routine including baskets and pyramids executed to perfection.


Go Heroes Go!!

Go Heroes Go!!

Go Heroes Go!!

Watch as we succeed

See our heroes show

We dance, we cheer

Our team has no fear

We tumble, we throw

We're always on the go

Who you ask are we

Open your eyes and see

We are Cheerleader





We are the Heroes

The mighty, mighty Heroes

When we come to play

You can call it a day

We are here to win

Any less would be a sin

We are the Heroes

The mighty, mighty Heroes

Let's go Heroes. Let's Go

Let's go Heroes. Let's Go

At the very start

Our team plays with heart

Their the very best

From the east to the west

We jump. We leap

Into the air we soar

We smile. We flip

We let out a mighty roar

Victory is ours today

There is no other way

We always play full out

So we can yell and shout


We celebrate our team

As they drive to their dream

We cheer out loud

Our team makes us proud

All together now

Go Heroes!!!!!

Play sample:


I was in a creative mood, and was thinking about the great song Barbie Girl by Aqua and while I was sitting out in the corridor at an event speaking with Rick two of our good-looking staff approached.

Rick said ‘Gee Clinton you sure know how to get the pretty ones!'. As the girls came closer I shared this with them and they shrugged and said ‘Well Yeah!!'. I went straight inside and in five minutes I had written this song.
I gave it to Rick who had his guitar and he put it together in an hour and the girls were singing it two hours later. Pure Spirit (and fun!)



It's a Pretty World

For a Pretty Girl

Beauties everywhere

With long, wavy hair

Big Pouty Lips

Ready for A kiss

With looks like this

No party I'll miss

Fun to be pretty

Gotta look great

Looking my best

For my hot date

Shimmery, Shiny

Gorgeous and Hot

Looking this good

Staying home I'm not

It's time to get out

Out on the town

In my pink convertible

Driving all around

So pretty in pink

Used to all the stares

So many boys I think

I'll have to share


I'm a Pretty Girl

I'm a Pretty Girl

I'm a Pretty Girl

Fun to be pretty

Loving all of life

Having a wild time

Never getting into strife

Living every moment

No second to spare

Just enough time

To tidy up my hair

Wearing my bikini

As I sit by the pool

Getting checked out

Ah life is so cool

Life is so fun

It's such a delight

So many friends

I'll party every night


I'm a Pretty Girl

I'm a Pretty Girl

I'm a Pretty Girl

I'm a Pretty Girl

Let's Get Out of Here

We're out

Let's Party

Play sample:


I love this song. It reminds me so much of a Disney princess song or a broadway play where the girl gets to dream about her ideal man. So whether a man like this really exists it is nice to know that for a while at least we can dream


Ooohhh Yeah

So long did I wish for

With every heart beat

For my knight in shining armor

To sweep me off my feet

He finally arrived

And took my breath away

As he proposed suddenly

At the twlight of the day

My life just gets better

Every moment that we spend

Sharing each other

A garden for each to tend


He is a hunk. He is my hero

He is the man in my dreams

Who lifts me up high

And is always on my team

He is strong like a rock

Yet gentle like a dove

He is the reason I live

And the focus of my love

He's my hero.

The man of my dreams

He is my gorgeous man

Who holds me so tight

So I can sleep soundly

Until the morning light

He kisses me gently

To wake me for the day

And shares his love for me

To get me on my way

I love him. I love him

With all of my heart

He holds me in his arms

Like a gorgeous piece of art


Each moment is eternal

Life we do share

Entwined in love

With deep loving care


Man of my dreams

Play sample:


I wanted to do a song for a long time about males and females. For years I thought it was going to be a duet and then I had the idea of writing the masculine songs for Ricky and then a matching song for a female. It is amazing hearing the feedback from ladies who hear it and go yep you nailed us. How did you know? Well that at least is a secret!! LOL!!


Waking every morning

With a hundred things to do

I juggle so many tasks

So life is easier for you

There is no easy answer

To understand me all the time

Life moves in circles

Not in one straight line

I can laugh. I can cry

I can be weak or strong

I can change so suddenly

Or it can last so long


I am the woman

So love me the way you see

So simple, yet so complex

So loving and so free

I am the woman

So love me for all I am

A carer and a healer

A mother to a son

A leader and an organizer

Who gets it all done

I am the woman

I am the perfect princess

So beautiful in the land

That men cannot stop from

Fighting for my hand

I am the purest angel

So radiant in the light

That men stand in awe

Who gaze upon my sight

I am the high priestess

In mystery I do hide

Revealing my intentions

When the time is right


I am free to the queen

but also the wife too

And be yours forever

Holding our love so true


So love me for all I am

I am the woman. Oh Yeah

I love being a woman


Play sample:


Here is the matching song to Femininity. This song was written for Ricky ‘Rockon' Robinson from Ricky and Razors. Ricky and I were talking about how woman finally get the strong, tough man and then the first thing they want to do is change him. This song is to tell the woman that it is time to love your man for who he is. And for men it is time to be a man.


I am the Man

Every minute of every day

The man I choose to be

In every single way

I'm the world and I'm free

Free to be the warrior

Who fights for your dreams

Who defends all we have

When all is lost it seems

Free to the cowboy

Rounding home the goals

Bringing them home safe

From the Pits and the holes


I'm the man. I'm the man

I am the man. That's what I am

So love me for all I am

Man of freedom. Man of love

Man of hope and of light

Man of adventure. Man of strength

Who dreams of taking flight

So take me for who I am

All the man that I am

Cos I am the man

Free to be the rockstar

Living larger than life

Playing full out

On the edge of a knife

Free to be the athlete

To push for first place

To give it all up

And win the final race

Free to be the explorer

Playing in the wild

Away from any adults

Innocent as a child

Free to be the king

Over everything that I own

Sitting back thinking

On my golden throne


Man of science. Man of steel

Man the hunter every day

To bring home the meals

To keep The wolves at bay

Take me for who I am

All the man that I am

Cos I am the man

Free to be the hero

Overcoming any block

With a body to die for

Abs cut like a rock

Free to be the husband

A father and the man

A lover and your champion

Let me be who I am


So love me for all I am

Man who is free to be knight

Riding his horse

Riding to save the damsel

At her demand of course

Take me for who I am

All the man that I am

Cos I am the man

I'm your leader. Your preacher

Your daddy. I'm Your teacher

I'm your lover if you dare

Look for me I'll be there

Oooohhh I am the man

Thank you. Now go out and be a man!


Ricky finally returned to tour after a eight years+ layoff. On his first tour, a fan came up and called him washed up and a has been and then pushed him. Ricky flew into a rage and then broke the guys arm and drove his face into pavement all in front of the media.
He was arrested on assault and the judge who was and is a huge fan said ‘Ricky you have such a massive influence instead of fining you which is meaningless to you, your sentence is to write a song to empower the world.' The result was ‘Impact – I'm Going To Change the World' and a worldwide number one!!


Going to speak my truth

Going to speak my dream

I speak out loud

Whatever the mean

Whether to juust one

Or all I meet

I will speak on out

And share the heat

The passion, the fire

The desire to share

To leave an impact

To risk and dare


I'm going to change the world

I'm going to change the world

I'm going to change the world

Its who I am

I'm going to change the world

I may start big

I may start small

However I start

Everyone I'll enthrall

I'll capture their attention

As they closely listen

I'll begin to share

And paint my vision

With a burning fire

For the world to shift

To do my part

To help it uplift


I'm going to change the world

I'm going to change the world

I'm going to change the world

It's where I stand

I'm going to change the world

I'm making a difference

Yes I am

Making a difference

Because I can

An impact I'll leave

Can you see

Why not play big

And come join me

I'm making a difference

Yes I am

Making a difference

Because I can

I'm going to leave a legacy

Of the difference I can make

In a better world

That I helped to create

Speaking as a leader

Around the globe

Taking my message

I confidently strode

I speak with my voice

My whole body too

using my beingness

To communicate through


I'm going to change the world

I'm going to change the world

I'm going to change the world

It's where I stand

I'm going to change the world


Now go out and make a difference!

Play sample:


During one of trainings we were talking about taking risks and what scared people is not Daring To Be Great what really scares people is to risk and to fall down flat on their face in front of their peers. So we introduced the term ‘Dare To Suck', which captured the energy of the risk. For month Rick had been saying you should right a song called Dare To Suck. Finally I agreed and wrote it in six minutes. It was one of the most favorite songs he has ever written and puts a laugh on almost every face. So here's to Dare To Suck


Hey Man..

Maybe this won't be so bad

Feeling kind of scared

Feeling chicken

Today's the day

Time moving on

The Hands keep ticking

Gotta find a way

I'm going to take a risk

I'm going to dare

I'm doing what I say

Take a bold step

And finally share

Its going to be OK


Going t be bold

Going to take a chance

Step up and risk

Cos life is a dance

And I'm taking a deep breath

Going Dare to Suck

I don't care how I look

Shape my future

Create my own luck

Don't give a flying tuck

Going Dare…Dare…Dare

…Dare to suck

Gotta give it a go

Prepare to be bad

I'm stepping up now

First is my worst

The result can be sad

But it is not about how

It doesn't matter

Because this is my first

And I'm feeling hot

And my first will always

Be my worst

And I'll take my shot


And man do I suck

Dare to suck

Dare to suck

Feeling sick

I think I want to chuck

Stomach churning

Feeling I'll

Going on and on and on

Through sheer will

And I'm taking a deep breath

Going Dare to Suck

I don't care how I look

Shape my future

Create my own luck

Don't give a flying f-tuck

Going Dare…Dare…Dare

…Dare to suck

Yes I suck….

Oh Dare to Suck

Do I have to?

I'd rather jump off a building

Stick needles in my eyes

Root Canal…No novacaine

Oh I guess I have to

Here I come

I will dare to suck

Play sample:


I had just come back from a meeting with Ricky and other key faculty members of Frontier Trainings when I went off for a massage. After the massage I sat in a little Korean restaurant and had some food and this song just poured out. It is the title song for Ricky's ‘Cut the Crap 2009 Tour'. It is amazing to hear him sing it and have the whole auudience actively participating.


Hey you on the left

You on the right

And you in the middle

Who cannot decide

Cut the Crap

Its all going, going to hell

It's all falling apart

When will the leaders

To allow world peace to start

While there is children

Living in the street

Soldiers getting

Blown off their feet

It is time to stand up

And turn up the heat

Its time to Cut, Cut,

Cut the Crap. Yeah

Enough of the lies

Enough of the bribes

Listen up leaders

Now is the time

So cut, cut, cut

Cut the Crap. Yeah

Cut the Crap

And lets get out of this trap

Wake up the whole world

Has been taking a nap

So cut, cut, cut,

Cut the Crap

When the world needs

More guns than food

Certain races we can exclude

When civilities gone

Everyone's rude

Whoever said there is not enough

The world is abundant

If we just get tough

If we look in the mirror

And look real hard

We can see we dealt

Ourselves this card

We can cut, cut,

Cut the crap


Time to be real

And stop the rage

Stop pointing the finger

And get out of your cage

Time to own up

To what we've done

We can change the world

And finally be one

Its Ok for politicans to steal

When there are families

That can't get a meal

Cut, cut, Cut the crap Yeah

Enough of the lies

Enough of the bribes

Listen up leaders

Now is the time

So cut, cut, cut

Cut the Crap. Yeah

Cut the Crap

And lets get out of this trap

Wake up the whole world

Has been taking a nap

So cut, cut, cut,

Cut the Crap

Cut, Cut the Crap. Yeah

Cut the Crap

Its time to call it a rap

Wake up the whole world

Has been taking a nap

So cut, cut, cut,

Cut the Crap

Yeah!! Everybody Cut It